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Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for Android For Your Holiday Feasting
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Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for Android For Your Holiday Feasting

Cooking a perfect dish, the very first time you try can be difficult. It is better to take some help. Especially if you can get it through an expert. In this digital age you no longer require to hire coaches for that, everything is available online, sometimes for free.

There are numerous apps available on Play Store to help you through the journey. In this list, we have, after researching, the best recipe apps and cooking apps for Android.

Top 7 Cooking Apps and Recipe Apps for Android

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner:

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Price: Free

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is the first cooking and recipe app on our list. Allrecipes have numerous recipes to satisfy your taste buds. Also, it contains more than 1000 recipe videos to help you through the process. Allrecipes consist of a shared recipe feature to get your friends along.

Allrecipes main theme is that it is ‘Social’. There is a family of 30 million people to help you cook the perfect recipe. You can share your own recipe, ideas, dishes, your failures and successes, etc. with these home cooks and pump your hobby a little.

Download Allrecipes Dinner Spinner for Android

2. Cookmate Recipe Manager:

Cookmate Recipe Manager

Price: Free/$20 per year.

Cookmate Recipe Manager is a different kind of app for recipe. It is a recipe book, your own recipe book. Cookmate Recipe Manager is a place to store all your favorite recipes at one place. Cookmate Recipe Manager’s search engine helps you search for recipes on the web and lets you import them.

The ‘search and import’ feature is really helpful as you may or may not like the recipe on the app. So, it lets you search the one that suits you and then import it in your library of recipes. Cookmate Recipe Manager is a great app for cooking.

Download Cookmate Recipe Manager

3. Cookpad


Price: Free/Up to $3.49

Cookpad is a more social app for cooking and recipe on the list. The focus of Cookpad is a bit more on the social side. You and other chefs create recipes and share them with everyone out there on the app. The app also features a ‘Private Recipe’ feature that lets you add a recipe that you don’t want to share.

The app features a clean interface. Cookpad is a kind of cooking app/recipe app that adds flare to your cooking experience.

Download Cookpad Cooking App for Android

4. Kitchen Stories – Recipes and Cooking

Kitchen Stories – Recipes and Cooking

Price: Free

Kitchen Stories – Recipes and Cooking app is an all-rounder. You can be the chef here, take help from chefs, watch HD recipe videos, etc. to help you through the journey. Also, there is a large community to pump you up on your adventure.

The app features a specific “Cooking Mode” which helps guide you through the recipes effortlessly with a step-by-step process with clear instructions to bring the best recipe out of the oven. Kitchen Stories is a must have cooking app/recipe app even if you already have a cooking app.

Download Kitchen Stories Cooking App for Android

5. Yummly


Price: Free

This Yummly is the new kid in the market of Cooking Apps. It contains more than 2 million recipes to keep the spark alive in you. Yummly is a feature packed app for recipes. It contains step-by-step guides and videos of recipes for the better results.

Yummly also keeps track of your allergies by marking the recipes that contain something you are allergic of. It allows you to simply add each and every ingredient to your shopping list to make it easier for you. The app allows voice commands to keep your phone’s screen clean while cooking. Yummly is definitely one of the best Cooking app/recipe apps for Android in the market.

Download Yummly Recipe App for Android

6. Tasty


Price: Free

Tasty is a simplistic cooking app with all the needed bells and whistles included. It includes step-by-step instruction for all the 3000 recipes included in the app. It allows you to filter the recipe out based on the ingredients. Vegetarian? No problem, you can easily filter all the relevant recipes with this app for recipes.

It includes all the basic features like marking a recipe favorite, meal recommendations on the basis of your preferences. Tasty is an amazing recipe app and free-to-use and hence, deserves a try.

Download Tasty Cooking App for Android

7. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Price: Free/Up to $4.99

Remember Cookmate Recipe Manager App? Paprika Recipe Manager App is your alternative for that if you didn’t like that one for some reason. Paprika is a recipe book style app for cooking. You can add your favorite recipes in the app to check them out later.

It allows you to download your favorite recipes from the website of your choice and hence, has no limitation on the number of recipes you can manage. Also, you aren’t forced to like the recipes on the app, you can add your own or from a website that you trust.

Paprika Recipe Manager also features a pantry to keep track of ingredients you have at home and when are they going to expire, etc. It also contains a meal planner. So, in a way, it is an all-rounder app for cooking.

Download Paprika Recipe Manager 3 for Android

So, these are all the great cooking apps/recipe apps for Android available in the market. What are you waiting for, download any one of these and do let us know how the dish turned out. Also, let us know your favorite recipe app in the list, we love hearing from you.

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  1. Forb

    I absolutely love cooking and Yummly and Tasty are my go-to. apps when it comes to finding recipes

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    I love to cooking, Thank you for sharing the list of cooking apps.

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    Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is one of the best app as i am using this and get good result.

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    I watch recipes on Kitchen Stories

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    I've been using Allrecipes but I'm definitely going to look at the others as well.

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