We Reveal Top 5 Reward & Cash Back Apps To Optimize Your Earnings 2024

We Reveal Top 5 Reward & Cash Back Apps To Optimize Your Earnings 2024

Over the last couple of years, dozens of cash reward applications have popped up. Using the apps, you can save a lot of money while shopping, travelling, purchasing groceries, apparels, and so much more. Now there’s no need to save paper clippings, get them printed out or keep binders of store ads – you just need your smartphone to make top cashback & other rewards!

Top 5 Reward & Cash Back Apps For Android  & iPhone
1. Swagbucks
2. Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back
3. Dosh: Find Cash Back Deals
4. Drop: Shopping & Cashback App
5. Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings 

Five Best Cash Back & Reward Apps 2024

These are one of the top cashback applications you can use to get money back on your everyday spending.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an excellent cash back & rewards claiming application. It brings a plethora of methods to earn cash backs. Anything from watching videos to completing surveys & more!

How Swagbucks Works?

You have to earn points (called as Swagbucks) by watching videos, filling surveys, using their built-in search engine to browse, shopping items online, playing games & many more such activities. The cash back platform offers one of the highest cashback rates that make it definitely worth trying.

Swagbucks: Pros & Cons


Swagbucks cash back & rewards app is available in multiple countries, including the U.S. & Canada.

The earned points can be exchanged for either cash or gift cards.

Swagbucks cash rewards app is in collaboration with top stores including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart & more.

You’ll be surprised to get exposed to a plethora of opportunities to earn cash back & other rewards.


The amount of cash back is very less for some tasks.

You have to be very patient to earn through Swagbucks top cashback program.

How To Cash Out With Swagbucks Cash Back App?

After earning points or Swagbucks that are worth $5, you can cash out the amount through PayPal or redeem them in the form of gift cards to your favorite retailers.

Swagbucks Cashback App

Download Swagbucks Cash & Reward App Now: For Android | iPhone

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2. Ibotta: Save & Earn Cash Back

Ibotta is undoubtedly one of the best cashback services for grocery shopping. The reward platform is in collaboration with more than 300 chains across the U.S. You can save money on 5000+ stores, including Walmart, Uber, Safeway, eBags, eBay, AMC Tickets, Best Buy and more.

How Ibotta Works?

Using Ibotta is super easy! Just upload your shopping receipt and earn in-store cash back and other rewards. Moreover, you can even earn online by using their shopping portal within the app.

Ibotta: Pros & Cons


Liberty to choose whether you want to redeem your points in the form of cash or gift cards.

The cashback app offers a $20 as a welcome bonus after you redeem your first ten offers.

The top cashback & reward app offers extra cash on its referral program. You’ll be rewarded with $50. (applicable for five friends’ referral within first month)


To earn top cashback on each eligible product, you are required to complete short tasks.

How To Cash Out With Ibotta Cash Back App?

You can cash out the amount via PayPal, Venmo or in the form of gift card, once you earn $20.

Ibotta Cash & Rewards App

Download Ibotta Cash & Reward App Now: For Android | iPhone

3. Dosh: Find Cash Back Deals

Dosh is a recommended app that helps users to track spending & offers you cash back for purchases you make at certain restaurants & stores.

How Dosh Works?

How the top cashback program works, makes it one of the best reward applications available in the market. It’s completely passive once you set it up properly. You just need to link your credit card to the Dosh app & whenever you spend money at their collaborated stores, restaurants or breweries; you’ll be automatically rewarded with cash back.

Dosh: Pros & Cons


Dosh cash back app is very serious when it comes to protecting user privacy. It has 256-bit SSL encryption & vaults for your banking details.

The top cashback & reward app offers extra cash on its referral program. You’ll be rewarded with $10 per person referred.

Simple dashboard & setup process.


No web version available for this cash rewards app.

Only available in the U.S.

How To Cash Out With Dosh Cash Back App?

Make sure you have at least $25 in the account before you can redeem the collected points. Once you reach the particular threshold, you can opt to get cash rewards via PayPal or even direct deposit.

Dosh Cash and Rewards App

Download Dosh Cash & Reward App Now: For Android | iPhone

4. Drop: Shopping & Cashback App

Searching for a cash back platform that lets you earn money from not only grocery shopping but other stores & restaurants as well? Well, your search ends here, Drop is the reward app you need to try on.

How Drop Works?

After installing the cash back app, you need to complete the signup process and choose any five primary stores where you would like to earn points at. Choose the places where you shop the most. You need to further link your debit or credit card to start the earning rewards process. Apart from these stores, you can earn cash back and rewards by referring friends, completing linked or Mobile offers & more.

Drop: Pros & Cons


Earn cash back on entire purchase.

Discover & claim more cash back offers for online purchases within the app.

Drop cash back app has a browser extension as well.

Collected points never get expired.


Stores chosen at the sign up process can’t be changed in future.

Th collected points cannot be redeemed for cash.

After reaching enough points, you can redeem the benefits only in the form of gift cards from the specific vendors which Drop is associated with. For example, 1000 Points equals $1.How To Cash Out With Drop Cash Back App?

Drop Cash & Reward App

Download Drop Cash & Reward App Now: For Android | iPhone

5. Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings

Similar to Ibotta, Cash & Reward App, Checkout 51 is an amazing rebate application that allows users to get the top cashback amount on buying groceries.

How Checkout 51 Works?

Install & launch the reward app on your Android or iPhone device. Browse the displayed offers and shop. You need to scan your receipts from purchase to get the exclusive cash back. To claim rewards, you don’t need to shop from specific stores. Purchase groceries from any place you like and you’ll still be rewarded.

Checkout 51: Pros & Cons


Best offers are updated every Thursday.

Certain shopped items have bonus offers.

Allows you to use their deals in conjunction with other discounts & offers.

Deals & rebates are only applicable on produce.


Limited offers, so chances are other users can grab the deals before you.

Receipts should be of recent use, otherwise you can lose out to rebates.

How To Cash Out With Checkout 51 Cash Back App?

After reaching to a specific amount of $20, you can go ahead to cash out your money and receive it via check. No direct deposit or PayPal is supported with Checkout 51!

Checkout 51 Cash & Reward App

Download Checkout 51 Cash & Reward App Now: For Android | iPhone

Before You Install These Top 5 Reward & Cash Back Apps, Make Sure . .

Well, before you get ready to make some extra cash, it is really important to read the App’s Privacy Policy. Note that, once you sign up with these cash back applications, you automatically agree to share some personal information. Well, you don’t need to be a genius to understand that your personal details are in someone else’s hands. So, it’s a good reminder to always read the Privacy Policy before installing your favorite rewards or top cashback apps.

You should definitely read certain points that explain:

1. What These Platforms Do With The Collected

2. If They Are Offering Cash backs, How Exactly They Are Earning Money?

3. What Other Users Are Saying About The App? – Reading Reviews Is Essential!

Once you are satisfied with all the answers, go ahead installing your favorite cash back & reward app on your smartphone!

Disclaimer: Tweak Library is not responsible for the accuracy, validity or reliability of any third-party application mentioned here. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk!

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