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Raj Soni

Raj is a creative technical content blogger. He is an experienced analyst coming from Information Technology world proficient in analyzing information and defining a flawless resolution. His technical knowledge and expertise to research, blended with an intimate passion to write made him love his profession to the core. New rides, extreme sports and relishing cooking is his passion. He also dreams of writing a book truly dedicated to an Indian mother.

Best Antivirus for MAC

10 Best Antivirus For Mac To Try In 2022

Mac can’t be infected? That’s a myth! Nowadays viruses and malware are so advanced that even a Mac can get infected. Therefore, keeping your Mac protected from viruses,...

Top Data Recovery Software for Windows PC

Best [Paid & Free] Data Recovery Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC To Use In 2022

Data loss is a common problem not just on a personal note but also in a professional environment which you always tend to hide if it’s a human...

Best Video Converters for Windows 10,8,7

As smartphones are capturing precious memories of our lives, our devices are crammed with video. But not every device is capable of playing every format, which is why...

Best Web Browsers for linux

Best Web Browsers for Linux

Choosing the Best Web Browser for Linux has always been a difficult task. Some of them give you swift performance while others provide high security and better downloadable...