Save Your Secrets With These Photos And Video Locker Vaults

Save Your Secrets With These Photos And Video Locker Vaults

There are photos and videos which we want to keep in our gallery as we relished that moment and would want to relive the moment by looking at those memories but at the same time, we know that if these pics or videos go viral, it’ll destroy your image or harm someone’s feelings.

Here comes the need for such photo and video locker vaults which can hide our memories as well as save our privacy from peeping eyes. There are hundreds of apps that claim that they will secure your photos and videos in a vault however without knowing about the right app, we may lose our precious data or our prestige.

Here in this article, we have reviewed and listed a few of the best Photos and video locker vaults that will save your life without any efforts. Even if someone checks your phone, they won’t be able to find anything suspicious about your hidden treasure.

1. Vault-Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Vault is one of the most famous mobile vault apps to secure your photos, videos, and other apps. It has won hearts of over 100 Million users and has been ranked as number 1 app in various consumer forums worldwide.

This multi-featured app allows you to keep your privacy intact while using App Lock, Incognito Browser, Private Bookmark, Cloud Backup and all other features that a mobile vault can offer free of cost.

Vault - Hide Pics and Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Vault Features

  • It allows you to create multiple vaults and bifurcate them for individual item types.
  • Vault’s stealth mode disappears the icon from your home and nobody knows if it ever exists.
  • Intruder Alert feature silently captures a picture of the intruder with date, time, and the wrong PIN.
  • Vault App locker offers incognito browsing which doesn’t leave any traces of your browsing history.
  • Vault also offers backup of your secret photos and videos in a secured vault on cloud space.
  • Vault offers emergency password recovery options on Email if you ever get locked out.
  • Its fake vault is used to open your vault on those swears to show fake treasure.


Vault - Hide Pics and Videos, App Lock, Free Backup logo

Technical Specification

  • Updated – August 28, 2019
  • Size – 12MB
  • Installs – 50,000,000+
  • Current Version –
  • Requires Android – 4.3 and up


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2. AppLock

While looking for the best photo and video locker apps, we found AppLock as one of the best photos and video locker apps around the world. It has been ranked as the number 1 app locker in 50+ countries with around 400 Million users worldwide. AppLock is available in 45 languages and has been installed 100,000,000+ times since invention.

AppLock is not only the best Photo and Video locker app but it also securely locks all your Apps and settings so that nobody can make changes in your phone. Even your kids or siblings can’t get access to any of your apps or photos and videos using this secured vault.


AppLock Features

  • Loaded with advanced protection to defend AppLock to be killed by a task killer.
  • Know who tried to invade: Takes selfie pics of intruders and displays when you open the vault.
  • Hide photos and videos in a smart and secured vault with Fingerprint, Password or Pattern lock.
  • Hidden pictures and videos won’t appear in the gallery anymore and will be available in the vault only.
  • AppLock is secured with an invisible keyboard pattern lock to secure your pin from peeping eyes.
  • Now give away your phone to friends and family members without worrying about your privacy.
  • Interactive and fancy themes with a user-friendly interface for a swift transition.
  • Offers Incognito browser for secured browsing without leaving traces behind.

AppLock logo

Technical Specification

  • Updated – September 12, 2019
  • Size – 9.5MB
  • Installs – 100,000,000+
  • Current Version – 2.9.3
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up

3. Private Photo, Video Locker

The most a  part of this photo and video locker app is it looks like a calculator and hides your stuff behind a calculator screen. Isn’t it a kind of illusion? This secured vault hides all your photos videos and documents in a secured vault encrypted with invisible Pattern, Password or Fingerprint access.

Private Photo, Video Locker

Private Photo, Video Locker Features

  • Its customized profile allows you to lock multiple apps in groups for multitasking.
  • Intruder’s Selfie: Whenever a wrong password is attempted, it captures the snooper’s selfie.
  • Private Photo, Video Locker offers time bounded and location wise lock and unlock features.
  • Inbuilt image viewer, audio and video player app with full functional options for an enhanced experience.
  • Fake Vault feature allows you to open fake vault if in case of emergencies you need to open your vault. It will show fake content in extreme circumstances.
  • Private Photo, Video Locker offers direct sharing of photos and videos on social sites from the vault.
  • The secret lock allows you to type in the password algorithm in the calculator to access private photos.
  • Capture photos or videos using the incognito browser and save them directly into the app itself.
  • It hides Apps behind fake covers and only you know what’s behind which cover.


Private Photo, Video Locker logo

Technical Specification

  • Updated – December 14, 2017
  • Size – 6.4MB
  • Installs – 5,000,000+
  • Current Version – 32.0
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up


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4. Secure Gallery (Pic/Video Lock)

Secure Gallery as the name suggests is one of the photos and video locker vaults that offers additional security on your device. Unlike other security apps, Secure Gallery offers premium features for free. It offers one of the fastest and user-friendly platforms to secure and manage your private gallery where you can create individual folders to move copy or rename all types of documents.

Secure Gallery (Pic Video Lock)

Secure Gallery Features

  • Hide your photos and videos in a secured app equipped with 128-bit encryption.
  • Secure your data using Fingerprint, PIN, Password or invisible Pattern locks for added security.
  • Unique stealth mode hides the launch icon from the home screen as if it’s never installed.
  • Secure Gallery allows you to directly share your media with any social media app.


Secure Gallery (Pic Video Lock) logo

Technical Specification

  • Updated – August 22, 2019
  • Size – 2.8MB
  • Installs – 10,000,000+
  • Current Version – 3.6.1
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up



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5. Photo, Video Locker – Calculator

The calculator is to mislead intruders else it’s a Photo and Video Locker app to hide your photos and videos without letting anyone know that there is some such sort of app installed. To unlock the app, you need to enter a numeric key on the calculator, and it shows all the stuff inside the app.

Photo,Video Locker-Calculator

Calculator Features

  • Intruder’s Selfie is captured whenever a wrong password is attempted.
  • The fake cover feature allows you to set up advanced security to fool around intruders.
  • Hide photos and videos in a smart and secured vault with Fingerprint, Password or Pattern lock.
  • Added Wi-Fi and Bluetooth security lock can be controlled with the app for additional security.
  • Secretly hide your photos and videos behind a calculator theme without any risk.


Photo,Video Locker-Calculator logo

Technical Specification

  • Updated – June 8, 2018
  • Size – 2.8MB
  • Installs – 5,000,000+
  • Current Version – 20.0
  • Requires Android – 4.0.3 and up


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Summing Up

Everyone loves to have their own privacy and personal moments which we can’t share with anyone except self. These photo and video locker apps turn out to be a lifesaver for us when it comes to added security. I highly recommend keeping such an app to ensure intruders and peeping eyes away from our second face of life which might harm our personality.

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