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All You Need To Know About SOAPA

Several companies put their trust on SIEM, Security Information and Event Management to handle security issues that they may encounter. Basically, SIEM combines log files along with other information from number of sources. This makes the process of keeping an eye on the trends and patterns related to the security system quite easy. The system administrator can come up with a system profile with which he/she can easily watch over the network. There is no denying the fact that this works fine, but we have to move towards next level in order to save ourselves from the security breaches that are evolving with time. This is when SOAPA comes to play.

SOAPA, Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture, is universally accepted standard architecture for security operations. It not only brings us the information about security data from different sources, but also utilizes various sets of technologies and unifies them into one platform. It uses disparate sources of data and tools that enterprises use such as CybOX (Cyber Observable eXpression), TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information), and STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression). The hybrid thus formed by the combination makes the security operations much more effective.



Although the description of SOAPA seems like SIEM, both of them are different. SIEM is actually a part of SOAPA. Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture is a dynamic tool which is quite useful for data scientists so that they can easily move between the tools and take real-time action on the threats & vulnerabilities detected.

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What Are the Benefits of Using SOAPA?

Apart from being an upgraded model of SIEM, it provides ease to manage the network security. Experts have come up with this tool to make sure that we make a better way for analytics and intelligence guided decision making. Also, with an efficient security model it will be easier to handle the attacks even if a firm is short on cyber experts.

Moreover, SOAPA doesn’t require you to give up on your existing system entirely because it combines the SIEM with services to perform a variety of operations. A few of them are given below:

Incident Response Platforms– To enable the administrators to classify threats detected. This way getting priority alerts and working on them instantly will no longer be an uphill task.

Threat Intelligence- This helps in identifying the abnormalities in their network so that it is easier to detect the infected node.



Network Security Analysis:  This allows to analyze the flow of data packets in the network.

Security Asset Managers and Vulnerability Scanners- With the help of this, security professionals can easily prioritize the alerts.

Anti-Malware Sandboxes- This allows security personnel to understand and become aware of the malware attacks and the vulnerabilities present in the network that can be exploited but are still unknown to the service provider.

There are many other services with which Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture can blend in.

The aim of SOAPA is to address these problems so that the organization can focus on new tools and work on them without losing an insight of information they need for operating.

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Will SOAPA Have a Bright Future?

Definitely! The reason behind this is its ability to combine the emerging technologies in its framework and we cannot ask for more! With Machine Learning, Big Data and combination of other technologies, the threat detection and mitigating security issues will be as simple as snapping fingers.



The Final Verdict

We cannot ignore the speed with which SOAPA is moving forward. The market has already started to incline towards it. There will surely come a time when we’ll see a rapid increase in the SOAPA experts in the market. It’s time to brush up your skills fellas and make sure you remain updated with the security practices that are being followed to save from the security breaches. The chances of SOAPA getting out of the league is almost nil because customers don’t want any more tools, they need one that gets upgraded according to their needs.

We hope that SOAPA helps the security experts and yields result that they are expecting. What do you think?

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