Why Should You Avoid Using Free Proxy Servers

Why Should You Avoid Using Free Proxy Servers

When an organization, school or government blocks access to a website. Most of us tend to use free proxy server, websites, and extension. Without even knowing the risk involved in using them. A free proxy server is perilous, and it creates holes in your personal information security.

Therefore, if you are using a free proxy server or are thinking of using one. You need to know all about Proxy Server and why you should avoid using free proxy servers.

What is a Proxy Server?

To understand why a free proxy server should be avoided, those who don’t know what it is. Here we explain what a proxy server is and why they are used.

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When people want to hide their location or access blocked sites they use proxy servers. Because a proxy server is capable of masking IP address. When a request to access the website is sent on the Internet your IP address is shared as it helps to detect location. Due If not the site gets blocked and this is when if you are using a proxy server helps. It masks the IP address of the originating location and shares one that has permission to access the site.

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Why free Servers are bad?

Out there on the Internet, there are many free proxy servers available, each one offering various countries to choose from. All you need to do is enter the site URL and they’ll load it for you without any restrictions. This might sound good, and a lot of time it’s true. But the old saying, if you do not pay for a service, you’re the product, fits here.

Because to keep these free server sites running owners needs to run ads that may contain malware or sometimes they themselves store your information.

Here we bring for you common reasons that will make you understand why you should stay away from free proxy servers.

1. Most Proxy servers don’t pass basic security test: It has been found that most proxy servers don’t allow HTTPS connection. Thus, creating a grave security risk as lack of HTTPS means the connection to the server isn’t encrypted. If someone has the eye on the connection, then they can easily intercept transmitted data without you even knowing it. Therefore, if you’re looking for security, a free proxy server is a poor choice.

2. Proxy servers can monitor your connection: the reason why proxy servers avoid using HTTPS is they want to keep an eye on your activities.

When a free proxy server, website or extension is offered you trust the owner and step out to use it. But do we know the intentions behind offering free proxy server? Certainly, not! Hence it is up to you to decide is it worth taking the risk!

3. Proxy server may contain malware: server might not be the safest option for malware and viruses. But a free proxy server can infect your machine accidentally.

As the service offered is free, to keep it running some owners depend on ad revenue. And if they aren’t diligent, scammers take advantage of it and show ads laced with malware. This type of advertising is known as malvertising. You can learn more about it by reading all about malvertising.

4. Proxy server can steal money: When you visit a site or log onto a server a small file called cookies is created. These cookies store login information, to make browsing smooth. Usually, this is a useful feature but when the proxy server between you and the website is free there’s a chance that the owner of the server or prying eyes can steal cookies to collect your personal data. By the time you’ll get to know the damage done it will be too late.

5. Poor service: After you take the risk of using free proxy server, you’ll probably find it not worth the risk. Because free proxies are generally slow, this is due to funding and a major number of people use them. Not only this you may also find the only proxies of certain countries are functional rest all are either blocked or not working.

With all these problems that a free proxy server brings, using it is not worthy.

How to Stay Protected?

Use VPNs: where free proxy servers are a good example of “you get what you pay for,” a VPN service on the opposite side reduces the risk. It allows the user to browse anonymously without risking the personal information. You might think you know what the difference between a proxy server and VPN is. But certainly, you have no idea. Hence to know what is the difference read What is the difference between Proxy and VPN server.

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Use free proxy servers cautiously: if you really want to use free web proxy, remember the thumb rule never share any personal information. It’s better to be sorry than to be a victim. Always contemplate as if the hacker has designed free proxy server to read all your information and use it for their personal gain. If this makes you uneasy and stops you from using free proxy server, then nothing can be better. It’s best to stay well away!

In the end, the only thing left to say is your data safety and security in your hands. Because its who will decide whether you want to share or not share information. Also, you need to always keep in mind, free proxies might seem lucrative but there’s nothing call as free lunch. We need to pay a price for everything we use.

When you want to bypass country’s restriction on a website, free proxies might seem a convenient way, but they are offering you free service to oblige you and collect personal data that may lead to identity theft too. Therefore, if you can avoid using free proxies it is best. Try to use VPN instead of free proxy as they offer more security.

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