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Why Security Strategies & Password Management Are Not Enough?
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Why Security Strategies & Password Management Are Not Enough?

No matter how strong your password is and how much you strategize to keep your data secure, somehow it is not enough, and we end up getting victimized by cyber criminals. According to the latest research, security professionals are making it very easy for hackers to victimize users.

There is so much confusion among them. One of them says that companies should make managing password simple, however, the other emphasizes on Castle Approach (multiple layers of security controls are placed everywhere in an IT system. As this consists of technology along with training, therefore less pressure on humans.

One of the senior security researchers at Kaspersky Lab, David Jacoby discovered that a person can buy another person’s identity in just $50. The digital identity hence purchased includes personal data lifted from social media, gaming websites, and bank accounts. He also believes that the maximum number of data thefts are done by abusing security vulnerabilities in Web app or spear-phishing.

Once a hacker has successfully attacked, he/she will acquire a password dump, which consists of a sequence of addresses along with passwords for the hacked service. As a lot of people use the same password for various accounts, hackers can easily access your information from different accounts on other platforms.

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Jacob also stressed that one of the biggest issues is that a user tends to use the same passwords and also the standards set for creating passwords are not crystal clear.

Various software manufacturer companies emphasize on resolving the issue by using tools such as password managers, however not all the tools are user-friendly. The password managers and other security-enhancing software are not bad for the people who can manage them. It is recommended to use phrases which a user is familiar with and also is unique, succeeded by a punctuation mark along with a unique identifier.

Here are some of the examples of passwords which could be used:

Let’s say you are creating Gmail account password: lovecoffee!movies. Similarly, you can use likeriding!money for Facebook and so on!

When you create a unique password along with unique identifiers, it is easy for people to remember them. Also, you should check whether with a resource whether the websites with their accounts have been discredited.

What If Any Websites That You Have Account On Has Been Compromised?

If you come to know that one of your accounts has been compromised, then don’t worry. First change the password, for that you can talk help of password manager or use the way of creating a password to stay safe in future.

Another researcher also recommends getting a password manager and also points out an issue wherein usually security professional blame users for the password hazards. He discovers that there was no difference between the marks of users who got anti-phishing training and who didn’t.

According to the researcher, an equitable strategy which comes with email authentication, training, extending secure email gateways, ensure spam filters are or present.

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So to wrap up, the security strategy should be planned so that human is not the first point of contact at the point of defense. Using Castle approach, the human doesn’t get burdened with the tough task of securing data. Whenever a spam email passes through, the user can scrutinize them and deal with them smartly.

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