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What Threats Do Third-Party Tools Bring Along?
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What Threats Do Third-Party Tools Bring Along?

As security has become a major concern in the world, we do anything and everything to protect our sensitive information and important data. Whether it is two factor authentications or installing security software, we do it all.

However, we don’t give much of attention while installing software and apps, also the source which is used to download an app. Even though we install an app from a genuine source, hackers have found a way to attack the supply chain, wherein third-party developers flock through fake update files.

Perils of Third Parties

In this post, we have listed a few most popular types of threats.

Website Mechanism

When you browse anything on your browser you get plenty of ads on your screen. Sometimes the ads are from relevant searches and sometimes it is especially implanted on your screen to target your machine with malware, spyware and virus.  As it is not easy to handle these ads, you should make sure that you never ever click on them, you need a tool which ensures there is no advertisement displayed on your screen. You can download ad blocker software and any other software which can help you to control your plugins and protect you from cyberattacks.

Pipeline Threats & Attacks

Many of you will recognize pipeline threats and attacks with a name of supply chain attacks. These attacks are mostly implanted to the feeble place of the company’s business flow & these implantations kept on passing on to other supply chains to target as much as possible. For an instance, a company is collection forum A to creating tools for another company named B. so, company B is receiving required data from company A which reflects that the company B is compromising of the security and might receive something suspicious and malicious. Moreover, there are high chances that the company might receive any malware affected files which can transfer the infection to other files as well. Most of the times, developers don’t have the knowledge of the malware which is hidden in the files.

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The supply chain is the common way of spreading infection from one machine to another. To prevent such incident, it is recommended for companies to find out all the available loopholes, vulnerabilities, and issues that can cause any problem which can be made you compromise on your saved data, credentials, and financial info.

Third-party Issues

Default apps are not only compatible but also secured to use but in case you want to use any particular app which is not preinstalled on your device then you can get your hands on the app from downloading it from trusted sources like App Store, Mac Store, Google Play Store, etc. There is high possibility that if you‘re downloading third-party apps from untrusted websites or from the links provided in emails that infect your computer then you end up getting virus, spyware, malware, etc. in your machine. Moreover, when you chat with customer services people and share your financial information then you never know whether your data is shared with others or not. In case, if it is then your information is shared with other companies as well because your machine is either infected with a malware or you’re using untrusted websites to do it.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are more common than you think, over fifty percent of the people have experienced data breaches including individual, small and large business. This is a situation where your personal information is exposed to others without your knowledge or permission.

Things to Keep in Mind

To avoid pipeline attacks, you need to make sure your ad block is enabled and working fine to safeguard you from such threats. You can also check the vulnerabilities and loopholes of security tool and firewall as well to add an extra layer of security.

  • There are plenty of links and ads are showing on your screen on daily basis, it is advised to not click on any suspicious links and ads.
  • Do not download the app from untrusted websites and sources.
  • Do not open email attachment which you’ve received from unknown people and sources.
  • Always type down the website name like instead of directly accessing a website from the popup window.
  • Keep anti-malware tool in your machine and scan every app before installing it on your device.

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So, now, you’ve successfully learned what threats third-party tools bring along with it and what can be done to prevent these attacks and threats. If you’ve any other threat which third-party apps brings with it then do let us know in the below comment section.

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