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What is Blue Eyes Technology?
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What is Blue Eyes Technology?

It is almost impossible to measure the advancement of technology, it is not because there is no measuring device for it, but it is because of its immense pace with which it is moving forward. It is just because of this high-end technology that computers can now interact with us. Computers can talk, listen and feel our presence with the help of various technologies like face recognition, fingerprint, video call etc. However, it can now even sense and control the emotions and feelings of a human.  Blue Eyes technology is making this possible.

In blue eye technology blue stands for Bluetooth and eye stand for eye movements which enable to get the information. The idea behind blue eye technology is to give the computer the human power. Basically, Blue Eyes system consists of two devices: DAU (Data Acquisition Unit), CSU (Central System Unit). These two devices are interconnected by Bluetooth. The function of DAU is to collect information from the sensor and send it to Bluetooth and it also delivers the message which is sent from CSU to the operator. On the other hand, CSU provides visualization interface by buffering incoming sensor data.

What is the Need for Blue Eyes Technology?

  1. Sometime a user may not notice changes of indication which can cause financial crisis. So we need a permanent solution for this type of threat.
  2. To build a machine which can interact with human, which can understand emotions and feel our presence.
  3. A computer which can talk, listen or even scream.

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Technologies used in Blue Eyes Technology:

  1. Emotional mouse:  An emotional mouse is used to evaluate user’s emotion like anger, fear, happiness etc. It also helps to get behavior information (mouse movement, finger pressure) and physiological information (heart rate ECG/EKG, skin temperature).
  2. Artificial intelligent speech recognition: In this technology input words are scanned and matched against those words which are internally stored and then for identification users speak to the computer via microphone. Those words are filtered and fed to ADC and then store in the RAM.
  3. Manual and gaze input cascaded: This is also known as magical point. In this two magical pointing technique liberal and conservative are used to reduce the cursor movement needed for target selection.
  4. Simple user interest tracker: Simple user interest tracker or SUITOR helps in tracking the user’s behavior through multiple channels – gaze, web browsing, application focus. By observing the user’s behavior SUITOR finds and display relevant information.
  5. The eye movement sensor: It is a device used to measure eye movement and eye position. A personal area network for linking all the operators and supervising center with the help of DAU and CSU.

What are the Benefits of Blue Eyes Technology?

  1. It helps in eye monitoring by recording and interpreting customer’s movement.
  2. It is used in video games, to make them more interactive and exciting.
  3. Physiological and behavioral condition monitoring.
  4. It is helpful in power plant control room, captain bridges, flight control center.


It is the way to simplify life by providing user-friendly facilities. It also helps in reducing the gap between the computer and human. Also in the future, it is quite possible to create a computer with which we can completely interact like a true buddy.

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