Best Live Cricket Streaming & Score Card Sites 2024

Best Live Cricket Streaming & Score Card Sites 2024

Cricket, the second most famous sport in the whole world after football, is a treat for anyone who is a big fan of the game. And, watching live cricket streaming is an experience no one can explain in words. In a few regions, the game is considered as the most passionate one and the people enjoy watching it as well as playing it wherever they find enough place.

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A combination of bat-ball & 11 players on each side, it’s a perfect demonstration of compassion, determination, and team-work.

Now, in our faster-than-express-running lives, we don’t have time to sit at home or stand outside an outlet to watch the game on television. That’s why we need to opt for cricket streaming websites that let us watch the game live. And, it’s way better if those are free live cricket streaming sites.

12 Best Live Cricket Streaming & Score Card Sites 2024

1. CricBuzz

We all know how much a cricket game can affect the Indian crowd all over the game span. It can be seen from happiness as you are in the air to the sadness of literal tears in the eyes of the fans. A quite popular Indian cricket news site, Cricbuzz provides live coverage, different statistics of batsmen and bowlers, each & every ball commentary and future game schedules.


Apart from the above reports, Cricbuzz also displays records set by the players. These different areas make Cricbuzz one of the most popular and free live cricket scorecard sites in the world.

2. ESPNcricinfo

Another most famous live cricket streaming website, ESPNcricinfo has been solely dedicated to the game of cricket. Previously called Cricinfo, the website provides live game coverage, the latest performance of players, all the regional and international world cup stories. Alike Cricbuzz, ESPNcricinfo also helps you with ball-by-ball commentary.


Check out the webpage of ESPNcricinfo here to get all the details about the latest cricket games happening all around the world.

3. Hotstar

I believe every one of us knows what Hotstar app is all about. From a new show, web series, or short clip to the latest running live cricket streaming, you can watch anything and everything on Hotstar. The live running game, highlights of last game, scorecards. Upcoming games, and celebration, as well as appreciation moments, get captured on Hotstar.


Download one of the best live cricket streaming apps, Hotstar for Android & iOS.

Even though Hotstar is a premium platform to access, you can catch glimpses of live matches for free but only for a limited period of time.

4. CricketWorld

As the name says, CricketWorld is a platform that covers almost everything about the cricket world. With the help of the Fast menu, you can filter out what exactly you are searching for. Be it any player you want to know the performance of, any other statistics report, live games, scores, or upcoming games and whatnot.


You name what you want to see about cricket and you will definitely find it here on CricketWorld. All you need to do is, visit the link and “Join” (if you aren’t a member already) or tap on “Login” otherwise.

Check out one of the most useful live cricket streaming sites CricketWorld here and start watching cricket online.

5. CricHD

Since we are talking about the second most prominent sport in the world, there will be many fans who want to explore every aspect of the game. Be it the coming games or previous ones. However, imagine a platform that has all the popular games in its kit yet let you watch the live cricket streaming on its webpage, it’s CricHD. Yeah.


The website lets you watch all the upcoming and recent finished cricket games online and all of it just by logging in. Isn’t this great!!

Here is the combination of all games live streaming website CricHD here. Please know that CricHD also has an Android apk that can be downloaded if you click on the  “Android App” on the top right corner of the website.

6. CricFree

One of the easiest user-interface websites, CricFree lets you watch any of the sport’s live streaming and that too in HD quality. The top header of the website asks you to choose any of the sports and there you have the latest live videos related to the game. I selected cricket and it showed me the latest game & guided me to watch live cricket streaming.


All you need to do is, visit the link, click on Cricket, and look for the game you want to watch. Select it; tap on the “Watch” button and start live cricket streaming. Simple as that.

7. BatManStream

Alike the above live streaming websites, BatManStream also is an example of many sports being telecasted. You just need to select the game category you are interested in or just choose from the recommended list of latest to-be-live-games.


Select your game from the list, click on the game, and choose a stream to go further. The click will take you to other links where you will need to log in. Once you are logged in, you can watch live cricket all you want.

Go ahead & explore one of the most useful live cricket streaming sites, BatManStream here.

8. WebCric

WebCric is another addition to the best live cricket streaming sites that cover all the national and international matches all around the world. The top of the website includes the Fast menu that filters matches and events for you to be watched online.


All you need to do is, just click on the game you want to watch; tap on Live Stream. Alike other apps, the click will take you to the Bet365 website and will ask you to log in. Create your account and start live cricket streaming all the way till the end.

Start accessing and watch cricket online without any interruption here.

9. Willow TV

One of the most popular live cricket streaming websites Willow TV is available to be accessed in the United States of America only. One of a kind, Willow TV gives you heads up about all the upcoming cricket games in the coming week with every info you need. The site can be accessed as a channel on the Satellite & cable network.

Willow TV

Since Willow TV live cricket website requires you to opt for a subscription of $14.99, you can decide whether you want to go for it or not.

The website is available on different platforms that can be a webpage, app, or channel.

10. SonyLIV Sports

One of the most reliable and generic sources that can let you stream live cricket matches without any hassle. A one-stop-solution for cricket fans, SonyLIV Sports gives you not only live cricket streaming but also info about all the upcoming events and any news related to the cricket world.

SonyLiv Sports

In case you get bored of watching cricket (shouldn’t happen considering you being a big cricket fan), you can also switch to other programs telecasted on the site. Be it movies, web series, live channels, popular shows, and whatnot.

Click on the link here and start live cricket streaming right now.

11. BCCI

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is a national governing body that uses its webpage to give you info about all the live matches happening around. Be it an international or a national match, BCCI will give you all the info with the latest videos as well.


All you need to do is go to the website and look for live cricket matches happening around. Tap on the match you want to watch and it will pop-up all the info from the “needs runs to win” to “which player scored how much”.

BCCI is the only live cricket scorecard site that is available in the Hindi language.

Check out the webpage, Android, & iOS version of BCCI here and watch cricket online.

12. Skysports

Considered as one of the most reliable and known live cricket streaming sites in the world, Skysports uplifts the bar for websites. The quite easy user-interface & sorted filters make Skysports a great website to watch the match at.



All you need to do is, look for the matches that are happening live at this time and tp on the same. You are all set to watch live cricket streaming without any trouble.

Start watching the game online and you can also stream other sports on Sky Sports with the above features.

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Wrapping Up

Watching live cricket online is one of the most amazing experiences you won’t get even if you are watching it on television. Go through the above paid and free live cricket streaming sites and start watching cricket online without further ado. In case you watch online cricket on some other platform that isn’t mentioned above, do let us know in the comments below.

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