How To Use Voice Chat in Nintendo Switch Games

How To Use Voice Chat in Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo Switch is a modern handheld Gaming console of the latest generation developed by Nintendo. This modern-day console has most of the features, however, it does not have a microphone.

To fulfill the need for microphone Nintendo provides different methods so that players can voice chat with their friends easily.

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Let’s take a look at the blog below to know how you can use voice chat when playing Nintendo Switch Games.

The Answer Depends on Your Game

Nintendo Switch’s operating system does not have a built-in voice chat feature in its operating system. Nintendo provides a voice chat solution in its app namely Nintendo Switch Online app for Android and iPhone, However, this app requires Nintendo Switch Online Subscription.

Nintendo’s online subscription comes in attractive pricing i.e. for 1 Month $3.99USD, 3 Months for $7.99USD and 12 Months for $19.99USD, Nintendo also comes with a family subscription which comes in $34.99USD 12 Months which is for 8 Nintendo Account holders.

Nintendo Switch online subscription is required for online playing in many games, but not all online games required online subscriptions.

Games that do not require online subscription use voice chat directly with their own account using a headset with mic.

Nintendo smartphone application is required by most of the Nintendo games for voice chat, you just have to connect your headset to your smartphone and start chat via app.

Here’s what you can do to voice chat with your friends:

  • Use Nintendo Switch online app:
    Nintendo Switch Online application is used for Nintendo Switch Games like Super Mario, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and many more Nintendo games. You just have to install the app on your Smartphone > connect your headset with mike and start chatting with your friends.
  • Directly on the Switch:
    Many third-party games like Fortnite and Overwatch use direct chat method using their own account. You just have to connect your headset with a mic on your Nintendo Switch to the single 3.5 mm audio jack on your Nintendo Switch and start the chat without any app or subscription.
  • Use Discord:
    Another Method for voice chat is using Discord or use an app like discord like TeamSpeak to voice chat with your friends.

The Nintendo Switch Online App

Nintendo Switch’s official online app provides a voice chat solution. This app can be downloaded to your iOS and Android devices. You can use this app to add other Nintendo users, message them to play, and watch their stats. This app lets you invite your friends from social media.

This Nintendo app lets you to voice chat with your friends and other players in the lobby. This app requires Nintendo online subscription which comes in monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. Keep note that not all games support this app but most of the Nintendo games use this app.

Although the app is quite good and provides subscription at very attractive rates, many users raised their concern about the poor quality of the app. Many users point out frequent delays in audio, and connection issues. And you must choose between in-game audio and voice chat if you are using earphones.

Note: This app is not available worldwide and it is region locked which means it won’t be available in your region.

Built-in Voice Chat for Specific Games

Built-in Voice Chat for Specific Games
Epic Games

If you are unable to use Nintendo Switch online app then you can use it’s 3.5 mm jack which supports audio input. You can just plug in your headphones with the mic into this jack and voice chat will be available for games that support integrated voice chat.

This feature is not widely implemented, therefore, only some of the games support voice chat using this method. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch supports voice chat using this method.

This method only works with wired headsets as Switch does not support Bluetooth headphones.

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps like Discord can also be used for voice chat of the game you are playing doesn’t support conventional voice chat methods using Nintendo Switch online app or it does not have its own voice chat.

One of the most popular voice chat apps is Discord which is packed with various features and is available for mobile and desktop. This app also supports push to task and voice activity to detect audio input.

There are other alternatives to Discord like TeamSpeak which does the trick seamlessly.

This third-party chat app works great, but they don’t work in the integration of the game that you are playing, therefore, it can be tricky to chat with strangers.

The Future

Unless Nintendo provides an integrated method of voice chat in Nintendo Switch, then it will always be tricky to chat with your friends. Nintendo should stop using its app for voice chat and integrate voice chat option in its Nintendo Switch. Many upcoming switch games should implement their own voice chat.

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