Review: Social Fever: Stop Smartphone Addiction App For Android

Review: Social Fever: Stop Smartphone Addiction App For Android

Social Fever- an Android app built to let people overcome smartphone usage and reconnect with the real world. This app offers its users a list of tailored services that suit their daily requirements. A simple yet effective application for Android users to keep track and get detailed reports of smartphone usage. Not only this, Social Fever alerts the users when they cross or exceed the set limit on an app. Having such an app handy, you can connect better with the real world, make yourself more productive, and stay hydrated with its drink water reminder module. There is so much to know about this amazing Android app. Read on further to know:

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Social Fever At A Glance

In this article, we will review the Social Fever app along with a detailed explanation of all its modules. Here are the highlights you should know:

  • Intuitive & user-friendly interface.
  • Help you track and limit daily app usage.
  • Useful to protect your eyes & ears from prolonged usage.
  • Keeps you hydrated with a water reminder. 
  • Offers you daily & reports.

Social Fever: Features

Set & Manage App Usage:

With this feature, you can view and track the time, you’ve spent on your smartphone and apps. You can easily set maximum time limits for individual apps and you will be displayed with information like Daily Max Limit for the usage of that particular app. In case you do not want to track any app, you can deselect the app from the list. This is it!

Add apps

Quality Time:

The Quality Time module of the Social Fever app lets you set a particular time limit for a purpose like Family Time, Morning Walk or so wherein during that particular interval your phone will turn on DND mode. This way you can stay away from your smartphone for a little time. While the DND mode is turned on, you’ll not get any notifications or calls on your phone. This particular segment helps you spend quality time with your family, friends, and yourself.

Water Reminder:

We often skip drinking water on time. Wouldn’t it be great to have an app to remind you to drink water every hour or 30 minutes or so? Well, Social Fever’s Drink Water module gives you a comfort of this as well. All you have to do is turn it on and set a time frame, you want to get water reminders. After every set time limit, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone to drink water.

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Ear Health:

This feature helps you proactively take care of your ear health. The motive behind this is to prevent you from over usage of earphones or headphones. This will help you keep your health intact.

Eye Health:

Eye Health feature lets you take efficient care of your eyes. It helps you set limits on the app usage and sends you warnings when you exceed a specific time limit. This way you can maintain your vision and relax your eyes and mind.

Daily Reports:

Last but not the least, it comes with a Daily Report section that lets you check for the information that is related to the total time you’ve spent on different apps. It includes the number of times you’ve unlocked your device and total screen time. 

Social Fever: Verdict

Social Fever is an amazing app especially for people with Nomophobia. It helps in controlling mobile phone addiction in people and the fear of anxiety of not having a mobile phone near you. This amazing stop smartphone addiction app not only helps you manage and track your smartphone usage but also saves a lot of your valuable time.

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