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Sniffer: Safeguard Your System From It!
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Sniffer: Safeguard Your System From It!

A sniffer is a program which monitors and analyses network. It detects problems in the network. All the information will then be used by network administrator to efficiently run a network.

This program is used by the network administrator to monitor and analyse network activity. However, sniffer can also be used for illegally steal data of a user. Sniffer basically tracks everything on a network. Attacker installs sniffer onto a system and starts stealing all your data which goes through the network.

How to Know That Your System is Infected with a Sniffer?

Usually sniffers are impossible to detect. Normal users will be unable to detect its presence.

To identify a sniffer, you have to run a sniffer and monitor network activity, monitoring your network activity will help you to find a sniffer.

You can also use a anti sniffer program to get rid of a sniffer or you can use a good security software to detect a sniffer.

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How to Get Rid of it?

You can use good security software to get rid of any infections on your system which may contain a sniffer.

  • You will also have to remove any unknown software that is installed on your system
  • Delete any unwanted files and folders from your system.
  • Use a good anti sniffer application on your system.
  • You can use a sniffer to monitor activity.

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How to Protect Your System from a Sniffer?

To protect against yourself from a sniffer can be a difficult task. You can take certain measures to protect yourself from it.

  • Keep your system secure using good security software.
  • Always send encrypted files over the network.
  • You can also use an Internet tool that will send encrypted data over the network.
  • Use sniffer to locate any anomaly in the network.
  • Use only trusted WIFI.

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Network sniffer can be legal or illegal. Sniffers can be used for both the purpose i.e. by network administrator to know about network’s health or it can be used by criminals to steal user’s data. You should always be prepared for the sniffer because if will intercept all the data that goes through it.

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