How To Reduce VPN Data Usage On Windows 10?

How To Reduce VPN Data Usage On Windows 10?

Whether you are browsing the web or using internet based applications at home or in a public Wi-Fi setting, a VPN adds a layer of protection to your online activities. It conceals your web traffic via an encrypted tunnel which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to spy on your online data. But, things can get a little tricky if you are using a VPN with limited data plans. You have to be wary about VPN data usage when you are using a VPN with a limited data plan.

VPNs Do Use A Little More Data

Since a VPN protects and encrypts your data and transfers encrypted data packets, it does consume a little more bandwidth. For an unlimited data plan, this might not have much of an effect but you may want to pay heed to some points when using a VPN over a limited or metered network connection –

Here’s You Can Reduce VPN Data Usage

1. Don’t Use A Free VPN

It is always recommended that you invest in a decent VPN service and not opt for a free one. Why? Because unless it’s a decent free VPN service, it can do you more bad than good. Most free VPN services sell your data to third parties and some of them might even use your internet connection to perform illegal activities. In that case, you won’t just run out of data fast but would even get into legal trouble.

There are some great VPNs for Windows 10 out there to choose from. For instance, you can opt for Systweak VPN which indeed is a great option to keep your web activity anonymous and your online identity safe.

Systweak VPN – Features At A Glance
  • Easy setup and easy to use interface
  • More than 4500 servers in over 53 countries spread in more than 200 locations
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • No DNS leaks
  • Kill switch that conceals your online identity even if VPN connection drops
  • Military grade AES – 256 – bit encryption
  • Stringent protocols for security and speed
  • Stealth mode
  • Prompt customer support

Windows versions supported – 10/8.1/8/7

Price: $9.95/ month or $71.40 annually

30-days risk-free money back guarantee

Download Systweak VPN

Get To Know Systweak VPN Better – Here’s A Comprehensive Review

Here’s How Easy It Is To Use Systweak VPN

1. Install Systweak VPN and log-in

Systweak VPN login

2. Switch VPN on by toggling the ON/ OFF switch

Systweak VPN

3. Select a server

Select Systweak VPN Server

4. Customize settings for changing protocol, enabling kill switch or even enabling the stealth mode

Premium Systweak VPN settings

2. Choose An Appropriate Protocol

Choose Protocol at Systweak VPN

One of the best ways to curb VPN data usage is to choose an appropriate protocol. All reputed VPNs support multiple VPN protocols. While a reliable VPN service provider will choose a protocol that is best for your internet connection, you might change your protocol to preserve data. For instance, you may want to choose between OpenVPN or IKEv2. Both the protocols offer optimal VPN data usage and a decent security, however, IKEv2 consumes lesser amounts of data. Even when using OpenVPN, you might want to shuffle between TCP and UDP.

3. Pickup The Server Closest To Your Location

Closest server from our location in systweakk vpn

If you are on a metered network connection and want to control VPN data usage even with a VPN, try and choose a server which is closest to your location.

The farther the VPN server, the more checkpoints your data will have to pass and consequently, more data will be used. On the other hand, when you choose the server located in the nearest city or country, lesser data will be consumed and even the speed will be faster.

4. Turn The VPN Off When Not Required

There might be instances when keeping a VPN on all the time might be beneficial. But, when you are using a VPN at home or when you have a limited internet plan, the wise thing to do is to switch the VPN off when it is not in use. Some of us do mistakenly leave our VPN connections on which further consumes data. Once in a while, it might not have much effect on your data usage but when a VPN runs in the background for a long time, you will see a drastic effect on data usage.

5. Take Advantage Of Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is a feature where you can allow some web traffic to pass through the VPN, while the rest of the traffic will pass through your normal Wi-Fi connection. This way can segregate those internet based applications which don’t require encryption and thereby conserve VPN data usage.

For example, you can route the traffic of the browser with which you access geo restricted Netflix libraries through the VPN whereas other internet based applications will run through the normal internet connection.


A VPN does have an effect on your data usage. Having said that, even if you have a limited data connection, it shouldn’t stop you from taking measures to safeguard your online privacy. And, if up until now you were worried that limited data with VPN would hamper your browsing experience, we hope that the above points will come to your rescue. If the blog has been of help, do give it a thumbs up and if there are any suggestions that you think would enhance a VPNs experience especially over a metered network, do share it with us in the comments section below.

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