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How to Check if VPN is Working?
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How to Check if VPN is Working?

VPNs have gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to the increasing number of cases of data hacks and leaks. Also, due to the sudden increase in utilization of Cloud Storage Platforms like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, VPNs have become a crucial part of the system to protect the online privacy and data.

Any online data leak can result in loss of financial information like bank account and credit card details. These online data breaches may also result in losing your official files if you are businessmen or professional. In short, the threat is serious from Online Security Breaches.

However, VPNs are not infallible too. They can be compromised, if not fully, some of the servers may leak some of the crucial information. IP Leaks, DNS Leaks, WebRTC Leaks, etc. can be really brutal if you send and receive crucial and sensitive information online..

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How to Test for VPN Leaks?

Now that we know what all different kinds of leaks are and how they can affect the user. Let’s us move for towards Leak tests:

1. DNS Leak Test:

For DNS Leak Test, you first need to be connected with a VPN and with a server outside your country. VPN service providers have servers at multiple locations and user can connect itself to the server in any country.

Once you are connected to a server outside the country, go to the website ‘’.

On the test website, if you find the IP Address, location, and other details that match with the original specifications of your ISP, your connection has a DNS Leak.

Note: The IP address and Location mentioned above are of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) so make sure you match your ISP’s details on the test website.

2. IP Leak Test:

IP addresses are the very thing the protection of which was the main purpose of building a VPN. However, not all VPNs, even if they claim to, protect your IP address and Online Identity.

IP Leak can happen in two different scenarios; One while your device is connected and second while the Internet is in the reconnection phase.

For IP Leak test while the VPN is connected, go to the Website ‘’ while you are connected to a VPN. If on the website, you can find your real IP address, your VPN connection is not safe and is leaking important information.

For IP Leak Test in the reconnection phase, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open several pages with the same link used for IP Test Leak.
  • Once you have multiple tabs open with the same website, disconnect your device from the internet.
  • Reconnect the device to the internet and quickly reload all the pages opened earlier.
  • If you find your IP Address on any of that page, your connection has an IP Leak in reconnection phase.

3. WebRTC Leak Test:

For a WebRTC leak test Visit the link ‘WebRTC Leak Test’ while being connected to your VPN. If you find your IP address on the webpage, you have a WebRTC Leak Test.

You can also disable WebRTC of your browser to protect yourself from WebRTC leak.

VPN Leaks can be really dangerous for your online security. To protect yourself from such damage, I suggest you to opt for a good VPN service. Systweak VPN is a popular name when it comes to a secure VPN service. Let’s look at some of its features:

Systweak VPN:

One of the best VPNs available in the market that utilizes OpenVPN protocol is Systweak VPN. Systweak VPN offers the industry best AES 256-bit encryption standard to safeguard the user information and privacy. Let’s look at some of its features:

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AES 256-Bit Encryption: Systweak VPN offers AES 256-bit encryption which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to break the cypher and decode the user information.

IP Address Masking: Systweak VPN offers the feature to mask IP addresses where even if someone is able to penetrate the secure network, he won’t be able to know your correct IP Address.

Wide Range of Servers: Systweak VPN offers over 4500 servers at locations around the world. All the servers are managed 24*7 by the team of experts to maintain the integrity of the network connection.

Be it streaming or security, Systweak VPN offers the best of all worlds. We hope we were able to help you know more about different VPN leaks and how to check if VPN is working?



  1. Abhishek Sharma

    The AES-bit Encryption is a reliable feature for a VPN. But is there any chance that VPNs may also result in data purloining. If so? Does it account for a feasible VPN working state.

  2. Harshita Singh Chauhan

    Informative blog! Thanks for sharing

  3. Abhay Tank

    You might be restricted to certain choices of VPN services, depending on your company’ policy. This is only the cons according to me otherwise VPN is good. Thanks

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