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7 Tips to Reduce Eye Strain while using Smartphones and Computer
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7 Tips to Reduce Eye Strain while using Smartphones and Computer

Smartphones and computers are inseparable part of our lives. We all are made to work with these digital machines for hours at our work place daily. Additionally, we also spend a few ours on our smartphone replying to WhatsApp messages and mails, few more hours with games, etc.

Constant and daily smartphone usage of hours can cause eye strain and permanent vision deficiency. Here we have accumulated a list of 7 easy tips that can easily help reduce eye strain and help them last as long as you do.

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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain:

Table Of Contents
 1. Take Responsibility For Your Eyes

2. Beware of Glare

3. Blues are good for ears not eyes

4. It should Lit

5. Please Maintain Distance

6. Tweak your Screen Settings

7. Blink! Blink! Blink!

1. Take Responsibility For Your Eyes

One thing that can prevent and reduce eye strain is YOU. You have to take responsibility of your eyes and eye strain yourself. Also, you will have to acknowledge that for most of us, our Eye-strain is our fault. Most users spend endless USELESS hours on their phone watching YouTube videos and scrolling through social media. These endless hours take a toll on your eye’s health. If you are looking for a solution that can suddenly eliminate all the ill effects of using digital screens for endless hours in a jiffy, you will end up with nothing.

The only and most potent way to do it is DON’T DO IT. If you have started to feel eye strain symptoms, it is high-time that you get your priorities straight. However, if you need help, you got it. There is a plethora of applications available on Play Store to help you minimize Screen-Time to reduce eye-strain. One of the very popular application is Social Fever. (More on it in the end)

2. Beware of Glare:

If you are kind of an outdoor person or work in a situation that is usually lit with bright ceiling lights etc., Glare can be a reason of your eye-strain. What is Screen Glare? When the light gets reflected of your smartphone screen, be it sunlight or artificial, it creates a blinding glare and can make seeing the screen substantially difficult that can promote eye-strain.

Dealing with Screen glare is pretty easy. You can buy a matte screen protector from Amazon or your local market. It costs a dollar or two for an average matte screen protector, but can totally eliminate glare and reduce Eye strain.

3. Blues may be good for your ears and not eyes

You see what I did there, don’t you? Exposing your eyes to blue light continuously for days can cause vision related issues and damage retinal-cells. Blue light component from your screen is what you are exposed to on a constant basis. To protect your eyes from this, almost all the smartphone companies have incorporated blue light filters. If your smartphone doesn’t have one, you can download one from the Play Store. And if you want a blue light filter for your PC, you can go to Windows Store or Apple Store to download anyone of these.

These blue light filter applications tweak your phones display to reduce blue light and create a warmer looking display. It can help reduce eye strain and reduce the chances of low vision problem pretty effectively.

4.  It should be Lit:

The room which you are working in should be well lit. A dark working environment can strain your eyes and promote headaches, etc. The room or office in which you are using a digital device shouldn’t be pitch dark. Although the smartphone companies have started to incorporate Dark Mode to deal with the problem, it doesn’t eliminate the problem.

5.  Please Maintain Distance:

Most people, in order to see things clearly or out of habit, hold their smartphones or Laptops closer to their eyes than they really should. It makes the light from your screen much more powerful and injurious to your eyes. Hence, to reduce eye-strain, you should maintain a proper distance between your smartphone and eyes. The ideal distance between your smartphone and eyes is between 15 inches and 18 inches.

6. Tweak your Screen Settings:

If after putting tip number 5 to use, you find it hard to work on your mobile or PC, you need to pay a visit to your device settings and tweak some nuts. We all are such a big fan of aesthetics and minimalism that we try and keep our device fonts and menu style as small as possible. This may look visibly pleasing but it is most likely to cause eye strain.

To be statistical, a normal person blinks three times less when using a digital screen, either of a phone or PC. This causes dryness and itchiness which later turn into vision related problems. Hence, while using a digital device, make sure that you blink often intentionally. Blinking lubricates your eyes and protects them from harms of viewing digital screen constantly and reduce eye strain.

Reduce Eye Strain

Social Fever:

Social Fever is among the most widely used application to help you reduce screen time and in turn reduce eye strain or eye fatigue. You can time your hours for particular applications on your smartphone and prevent yourself from uselessly tickling your phone. Some of the most highlighted features of Social Fever are:

  • Manager App Times: Social Fever app comes with built in app timer through which you can set a limit for your application usage. Application Timer can help you track your time on particular app and deal with social media addiction or YouTube addiction.
  • Statistical: With Social Fever app, you can track the history of your phone usage and how much progress you are making with every passing day.
  • Follow your Hobby: Social Fever app helps you spend time with your hobbies rather than uselessly scrolling social media sites with its hobby timer.

With all these features and more, Social Fever is the best app to track your usage on social media and smartphone. Download Social Fever for your Android Device here: Download Social Fever

Social Fever – Install Now

So, these were all the 7 tips to help you reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and vision problem due to smartphone usage. Hope we were able to help you out with these. Do let us know which of these you liked the most, we love hearing from you.

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