PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Controllers Go Head To Head

PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Controllers Go Head To Head

PS5 DualSense is chunkier, comes with advanced haptic feedback, but, how far has it reached to enhance your gaming experience? Quite far we’d say. Read the blog from start to end and you’ll see what we are talking about.  

Sony’s PlayStation, a console that can keep you glued for hours at a stretch. Needless to say, it does give other home consoles like the Microsoft Xbox a run for the money.

Let’s start with pondering over the very name – Why didn’t Sony call the latest controller “DualShock5” like its predecessors DualShock 1, 2, or 3? That’s because it has taken a stride in terms of design, functional capabilities, and ergonomics. It comes with haptic feedback and more adaptive triggers which in simple terms are more sensitive to your touch.

There’s actually more to it than meets the eye. So, now that we’ve set the stage, let’s see how PS5 controller fairs up when compared to its predecessor – DualShock 4. Here’s PS5 controller vs PS4 for you.

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PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – How’s The PS5 Controller Vs The PS4 Controller

dualsense vs dualshock 4

We’ll compare PS5 Controller Vs the PS4 controller on some major aspects and find out how they stack up against each other. But, first, let’s glance over the specs, shall we?

PS5 Controller Vs PS4 Controller – A Cursory Glance

Factor DualSense (PS5 Controller) DualShock 4 (PS4 Controller)
Price US$ 70 (approx) US$ 65 (approx)
Size in inches 6.3 X 2.6 X 4.2 6.4 X 2.0 X 3.9
Weight 9.9 ounces (approx) 7.4 ounces (approx)
Key Features Haptic feedback, create button, receptive built-in mic, adaptive triggers, USB Type C charging capability, integrated speakers, touchpad Regular analog triggers and sticks, touchpad, lightbar, built-in mic
Compatibility PS5 and PC PS4, Android 10 and above, PC and iOS 13 and above

We’ll find how the PS5 controller fairs up as compared to the PS4 controller on the following factors :

  1. Feel and Design
  2. Price And Compatibility
  3. Features
  4. Battery Life

List of Contents

1. PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Feel and Design

The PS5 has a more refreshing and minimalistic design, the rainbow-colored buttons of PS4 are gone.

Just like the console itself, PS5 DualSense is bigger than its predecessor. It has a heftier grip owing to the fact that it weighs 9.9 ounces as compared to the DualShock 4 which stands at 7.4 ounces.

And, even though the PS5 DualSense fits snug into your hands, thanks to its ergonomics design, you might feel the weight when you are hours into the likes of titles Godfall or even Mortal Kombat. Did you feel the weight? Do let us know in the comments section below.

2. PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Features

When spending those extra dollars, you certainly would expect more features loaded into your controller. Let’s get straight into it compared to PS4, PS5 controller i.e. DualSense is more receptive to – the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback is a big difference between the PS4 Vs  PS5 controller.

PS4 and PS5 controller

For instance, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you do feel the resistance when Eivor pulls back an arrow, feeling the bowstring’s tension. And, some users have also reported having felt the general rumbling when attacking with certain weapons, that’s some haptic feedback for you!

And, not to forget, the smooth touchpad, built-in speaker, and motion control support will make you fall in love with the PS5 controller even more. In fact, one discerning factor between PS4 DualShock and PS5 DualSense is the built-in mic which lets you blow into the DualSense Controller and see the actual effect on the game you are playing, For Example – moving a platform in Astro’s Playroom. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

The DualSense also allows you to capture your best gaming moments, the credit of which goes to the “Create” button. You can now capture the “headshot” at that very moment and share it with your friends.

DualShock and PS5 DualSense

3. PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Price And Compatibility

On the price front, the latest DualSense is a bit costlier than its sibling i.e. DualShock 4. While the PS5 DualSense would cost you around US$ 70 (approx), you can get the DualShock4 at a price tag of US$ 65 (approx).

Now, while you might measure those few extra 5 dollars, here’s something that’ll motivate you to make that extra investment. It is true that you can use PS4 DualShock on a PS5 console but only when you are playing PS4 compatible games on PS5.

Going the other way round, can you use DualSense on PS4?

No, you cannot use a PS5 controller on a PS4. At least not directly. You can use your PS4 to charge the DualSense but that’s all that’s there to it.

We’re not done as of yet. Let’s play a devil’s card and see why you should keep your PS4 controller, safe and intact – The DualShock 4 is well compatible with PS4, Android 10, PC, and iOS 13 or later whereas the PS5 DualSense, as of now is compatible with PC and PS5 console.

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4. PS5 DualSense Vs DualShock 4 – Battery Life

PS4 controllers are known to average 4-8 hours as far as the battery is concerned but with DualSense, it’s a different story altogether.

DualSense boasts of better battery life. Having said that, it totally depends on the game you are playing. For instance, when playing Astro’s Playroom, the resources of DualSense are going to be tested and it lasts for around six hours. While with older PS4 games you can expect the battery to last for a matter of 12 hours.

Wrapping Up

The PS5 is still yet to arrive in some parts of the globe. And, if you are planning to get your hands on the new PS5 console, we’d recommend that you go for the new PS5 DualSense. After all, new heavier titles wait for you and you would want to smash the various levels with utmost finesse. What’s your take? Did PS5 DualSense match your expectations or did it go beyond or are you still a DualShock 4 fan? Do let us know in the comments section.

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