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Prevent yourself from Cyberbullying
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Prevent yourself from Cyberbullying

Sadly, bullying is more common than we think. More often than not you will find a  bunch of people who gain happiness by causing harm, mental and physical humiliation. It is more prevalent among teenagers.Unfortunately, bullying has now extended to digital space as life.

A Cyberbully sends threatening messages to victim or posts embarrassing photos and videos of the person on social media websites to harass them. Criminals also create fake websites to harass victims.

This cannot be taken casually as sometimes it can also lead to extreme steps by the victim, like a suicide. Thus it is important to be aware about it and make others aware of it as well!

How to Know if Someone is Being Cyberbullied?

Whenever a person sends threatening, humiliating, hurtful messages on the Internet to another person it is called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying also includes posting embarrassing pictures and video on the social media and video sharing sites.

Bullies also create fake websites about the victims which contains false information about them.

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Is it Possible to Stop This Menace?

It is difficult to remove offensive content like posts, websites, pictures or videos from the Internet once they are posted online. Once the information is online, it takes lots of time and it can be a very lengthy process. Also, there is possibility that all information is copied and saved by other people.

How to Prevent Cyber Bullying?

You can prevent cyber bullying by taking some safety measures.

  • If you find any bully online report them to authorities or report them to social media service providers.
  • Do not disclose your information to anyone.
  • Keep all your devices secured.
  • Block all the accounts that cyberbully use.

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How to Protect Yourself From It?

We all use smartphones, PCs, and mobile devices to connect with people on social media. We use different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. to connect with different people and from these different people there are bunch of them who are bullies.

You must take necessary steps to protect yourself from it.

  • Do not disclose your personal information to anyone.
  • If you receive unwanted regular messages from anyone, then you should be aware that the person might be bully and avoid them.
  • Block all the cyberbullies account.
  • Do not trust anyone online.
  • Avoid adding strangers to your profile.

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We should always keep a check on our online activity and in any situation, do not disclose any information to other. We also should ask our friends and family if they are bullied online we should help them. Cyberbullies are part of the dark web, first they behave like normal person but after gaining victims personal information they start harassing them. There can be different reasons for a bully to harass people like some do for happiness, some harass people because they could not close to them and many more. Bullying should not be encouraged and must be stopped at all cost.

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