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POS Data Breaches: Why Are They So Persistent?
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POS Data Breaches: Why Are They So Persistent?

The frequency of data breaches is increasing day by day and affecting millions of people. The cyber attackers  are using advanced techniques to steal data from POS (point of sale) machines across stores and businesses. Point of Sale data breaches are executed to steal financial information such as debit and credit card numbers. In fact, the majority of the POS transactions are done through credit card information. Retail stores, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores are few examples of businesses targeted by POS data breaches. So here, let’s discuss what is POS data breach, its mechanism and how to stay protected against POS data breaches?

POS Data Breaches

Why POS Data Breaches Constantly Taking Place?

Cyber attackers mostly target medium and small business notas they’re easy targets due to their lack-luster security..  Even with the basic security measures taken, small and medium businesses are still more vulnerable as compared to larger businesses. As large companies invest a huge budget to cyber-security with a dedicated team of expert to patch loopholes.

When the system computer is infected, attackers try to get the credit and debit card data stored on the computer in unencrypted format . The malware gathers all the financial data and shares the data through a remote server with attackers.

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What Is the Mechanism Behind These Attacks?

What Is the Mechanism Behind These Attacks

The main motive of these attacks is financial gain through sales transaction. However, there are many other reasons such as checking emails of employees, browsing the internet and visiting social media platforms when they are not targeting. The basic method of malware spreading is through social engineering and phishing. Some of the attackers do use malicious and suspicious attachments to target  specific users.

These spreading of malware take place in systems due to the lack of regular updating which provide an edge to attackers to exploit their machines. However, these exploits can be diminishing with the patchwork of loopholes and updating systems on regular basis.

Big corporations commonly have POS systems in various sites that connect to a centralized server. In fact, there is various kind of approaches that an attacker uses to acquire access to the company’s network. After infecting the network system, malware can easily spread to other computers and make its way to Point of Sale data breaches.

How To Stay Protected Against POS Data Breaches?

How To Stay Protected Against POS Data Breaches

Precaution is better than cure, there is no harm in taking some precaution to ensure your device is safeguarded against POS data breaches. So, here are some of the tricks you can use to stay safe.

Regularly Monitor Your Accounts:

It is important to track and monitor your bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards and other financial accounts to keep a tab on about suspicious activities. You can also appoint a professional or sign up with any organization to monitor your accounts on regular basis. In case, any mis-happening or fraudulent activity is discovered then you must contact your bank to get it checked.

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Collect Information:

Gather the required information on what needs to be done if you get involved in any data breaches. Collect the required information and do the homework. Identify the specific type of breach you are affected with and which organization that specific breach occurred. Find out the what kind of your information has been taken like username, password, debit card, credit card or other data.

Do as Recommended

Keep a tab on all  received notifications and alerts received from the organizations you do business with. In fact, the affected companies try to contact their customers (those are involved in the data breach) then follow the same instruction which company has suggested to the users.

If you are one of the users affected by a data breach it is important that you notify your banks and credit card companies. The accumulated information may be used by thieves and intruders within a few hours or months. Therefore, you cannot wait for fraud to occur under your name and must act now!

Data breaches are taking place constantly, so you need to be vigilant about your shopping habits. Although we cannot stop you from shopping, taking some security measures is always better than later regret.

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