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Office 365 vs Office 2019: Which One is Made for You?
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Office 365 vs Office 2019: Which One is Made for You?

We normally get Microsoft Office pre installed with a new laptop, but do we know if it will meet all our requirements? We simply accept it as a freebie but for a professional, every version is unique as every new version comes with some updates and added features. For a student or a beginner, this difference is not noticeable however a professional or a pro user will always look for updates to look for advanced features.

Here in this article, you are going to learn how to compare office 2019 vs 365 and will also explore office 2019 new features. If you are able to identify the difference between office 365 and office 2019, you would be able to figure out which one is made for you.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription-based service that keeps on updating its modern tools for optimum productivity. It offers different plans for home and personal use. It also offers Small home office, mid-sized businesses, large enterprises, education, and non-profitable plans for different needs.

For those who are still thinking about what is office 365, in nutshell, it is Microsoft Office bundle pack with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with other Apps as per different plans. Microsoft Office 365 also comes with online cloud storage to help you sync your important documents so that you can take them wherever you want.

Is Microsoft Office Subscription Better?

Microsoft Office Subscription is always better than Microsoft Office one-time purchase bundle pack. A Microsoft Office Subscription ensures that you get all the security updates, you are always up to date with latest features, you get timely fixes for reported bugs, you get entitled for online tech support at no cost. Microsoft Office Subscription also allows you to pay for the subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. You can use your Microsoft Office Subscription on up to six devices that include PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets. You can now share your Microsoft Office Subscription with your family and friends.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019

Office 365 vs Office 2019

Features Microsoft Office 2019 Office 365 Subscription
Cost One Time Payment Monthly / Yearly Microsoft Office subscription-based payment
Office Applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
Feature updates Get security updates, but new features and upgrades for major releases won’t be added. Get all the latest features, updates, bug fixes, security updates, new tools, etc. Always stay up to date.
Number of PCs One PC or a Mac Sign in to five devices at a time with Office 365 Home including PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Phones. Share your Microsoft Office Subscription with up to five other people.
Advanced Features on Tablets and Phones Get the mobile app for free and use basic editing features on Tablets or Phones with 10.1″ screen. Get the mobile app for free and get advanced editing features on Tablets or Phones.
Add-on Cloud Storage Not Provided Get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user for up to 6 users. Securely store all your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. With Office 365 Home.
Technical Assistance For Installation and Setup only Support for technical issues, or subscription & billing-related issues at no extra cost.
Extras Nothing PC users also get Microsoft Access and Publisher.

“Please Note: You can buy standalone versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for Mac or PC.”

Important Facts

  • Both Microsoft Office subscriptions, Office 365 or Office 2019 can be installed on either Mac or PC.
  • You need not be online to use both the Office subscriptions after it is installed and activated on your devices.
  • To activate the subscription, install new updates, fix billing and subscription-related issues, an internet connection is required.
  • To keep all the files synced and updated on Microsoft OneDrive, we need constant internet connectivity.

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

Pros & Cons of Office 365 vs Office 2019

There is more to list about Microsoft Office subscriptions however we have highlighted the major Pros and Cons and office 365 features.


Office 365 Subscription Microsoft Office 2019
Pros Pros
Access on all Apps Access on popular Apps only
Access to multiple people on multiple devices at a time No monthly/yearly subscription
Free upgrades and updates Security updates only
24/7 Customer Support No free support
Supports Windows 10, 8.x, 7, macOS, Android, and iOS Windows 10 and macOS supported only
Cons Cons
Onetime subscription not available One license, one device
Limited functionality if not renewed timely Limited features
Charges applicable for unwanted features as well Limited platforms supported
No upgrades available
No customer support after installation

“Please Note: Microsoft offers a free subscription plan for Students and Teachers. You can avail of the benefit by producing a valid school email address. With this account, you get access to all the Apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and other school tools at no extra cost.”

MS Office 365 supports

Office 365 Features

Microsoft Office 365 can be used online or offline as needed. Online use automatically adds the latest updates and new features for an enhanced experience.

Forget Attaching Files, Just Link It

Microsoft Officer 365 comes with cloud storage that allows you to link a file address to your email instead of attaching it. It is similar to Google Shared Docs where the recipient can also edit the document and you can accept or deny changes to it.

Work in Collaboration

Office 365 allows several people to work on a single document as a team. All can work on the same document at the same time with real-time changes tagged with the author’s name.

Auto Image Suggestions

Microsoft Office 365 is combined with its inhouse product ‘Bing’ that offers automatic image search as you type. Now make your documents interactive with the auto image suggestions and insertion.

Inbox Self-De-Clutter Feature

Now you can get rid of spam messages without touching your inbox. Self-De-Clutter is the most intuitive feature of Office 365 with which you can command your inbox to automatically filter and move messages to a Clutter folder that it considers less important to you.

Automatically Adds Your Notes on Calendar

Microsoft Office 365 can automatically convert notes on your task list or to-do reminders on your calendar. You can directly add timelines and share them with the participants.

Convert Data into a Map

If you have got a geographical data in an excel sheet, Microsoft Office 365 can turn your data into a 3D map.

OneDrive Switch Within Business and Personal Accounts

Microsoft OneDrive offers you to switch between your OneDrive Business and OneDrive Personal accounts just with a click. You can also exchange information among these drives.

Turn Your Scribbles into Meaningful Text or Drawings

Microsoft Office 365 subscription comes with great tools like OneNote and Lasso Tool that allows you to guess the lines from your handwritten scribbles on OneNote and get suggestions from the Lasso tool.

Advanced Excel Feature

Office 365 subscription has an advanced feature for better charts, graphs, and pivot tables created from quick analysis from the data you work on.

DocuSign Integration

You can get a DocuSign subscription and electronically sign your emails. You can also get it signed from the people you want, and this works as a valid signature without scanning.

Flash Fill Feature

There is an advanced feature of office 365 to automatically reformat your Excel Data and the changes made by you in the sheet. After reviewing the reformatted list, you can click and accept it or ignore changes.

PDF Editing

Office 365 version allows you to make changes in PDF documents by simple conversion into a Word document without worrying about the formatting issues. You can save the document or just a part of the document as a PDF file with password protection.

Convert Mouse to a Laser Pointer

PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 365 can turn your mouse icon to a red dot that just acts like a laser pointer and you can use your mouse to point at items listed in your presentation.

Office 365 vs Office 2019

Office 365 Subscription is Best For-

If you are looking forward to sharing your Microsoft Office subscription among your friends or family members, you should go for Microsoft Office 365 as you can use it on multiple devices at a time with different accounts. You get additional cloud storage, Skype minutes and share the benefits among six of your friends, this version is for you. You can share the bill as well!

Microsoft Office 2019 is Best For-

Anyone can opt for Microsoft Office 2019 version however it is specially designed for corporate users who are not ready to go for subscription-based versions. Corporates would never want to compromise on the security of their data hence they keep all their files on their own server and don’t want any cloud-based storage.

Microsoft Office 2019 is available in two versions. “Office Home & Student 2019″ priced at $150 and “Office Home & Business 2019,” for $250 per license per device. Office Home & Student 2019 doesn’t include Outlook and OneNote that makes it best suitable for students and other professions but not for corporates. Corporates should go for Office Home & Business 2019. Office 2019 is not a replacement for Microsoft Office 365.

Wrapping Up

As per the research, Microsoft Office 365 subscription is the best option to go for a monthly or yearly subscription for students while on the other side, corporates can go for a onetime license of Microsoft Office 2019. Now you know the difference between office 365 and office 2019 and the best of office 365 features.

If you still have any queries about Microsoft office subscription, office 365 subscription or want to know more about office 365 vs office 2019, do write to us in the comment section. Please like and share the article if it can be useful for someone.

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