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Off-Facebook Activity: How Facebook Tracks You
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Off-Facebook Activity: How Facebook Tracks You

From the past few days, it was trending on various social sites and blogs that Facebook users can now control how Facebook tracks them through Off-Facebook Activity. Even when you are not using Facebook.

So, if you are still under the impression that Facebook only tracks you while you are using it. Or if you think that Facebook only knows what you have shared with it, then it will be more shocking for you to know that Facebook collects a lot of data about you from various apps and sites.

All this means that Facebook knows much more about your likings, interests and this is why you see a hell lot of ads in your news feed that are too relevant to creep you out.

From where does Facebook get all this information? Is Facebook spying on us? Is Facebook listening to its users’ conversations? A few days ago, all these questions didn’t have a real answer. But on Tuesday Facebook itself gave an answer to how it tracks its user activity.

Want to know how? Then continue this article till the end.

What is Off-Facebook Activity?

As per Facebook, Off-Facebook activity is a summary of all the activities that are provided to Facebook by various organizations about user interactions with them. Interactions include merely visiting a website/app or logging in to that directly using your Facebook login.

This means whether you are using a food delivery app or booking a ride, your information will be shared with Facebook.

What is Off-Facebook Activity

How Off-Facebook Activity Helps Facebook To Receive Your Activity Summary?

This question is again answered by Facebook itself. As per them when any user visits an app or its websites or signs into a website using Facebook login then these businesses share users’ activities with Facebook using Facebook business tools like Facebook Login or Facebook Pixel.

How Off-Facebook Activity Helps Facebook To Receive Your Activity Summary

Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK. Both of these tools are provided to businesses by Facebook to add to their respective websites and apps. Now once these tools are added, they allow the organization to send information about user’s interactions on their app directly to Facebook. The interactions can be as simple as opening an app to as complex as making a purchase on that app/website.

Facebook Login and Account Kit. Another way by which Facebook gathers user’s information is Facebook Login and Account Kit. You probably have come across websites that let you sign in with your Facebook id and password. Now, on one hand, it eases the process as you do not need to create a new account and password, on the other hand, it helps Facebook to get the user information like the device he is using.

What does Facebook do with Gathered User Information?

If reading till now you have made an opinion to stop using Facebook or started criticizing it, then let’s know Facebook viewpoint. Facebook justifies their deed by saying that the only reason they use these tools is to enrich the Facebook experience for its users.

As per Facebook using Off-Facebook Activity, they create a personalized user experience by suggesting to them the things they are interested in. This is why just after purchasing a pair of running shoes you start seeing an event related to fitness. Or just after visiting a travel website you start seeing ads for a hotel in your news feed. Facebook also states that this information helps them to make Facebook a more secure place to hang on.

But if you are thinking that it is only Facebook that is being benefited then you are wrong. As organizations also use Facebook tools to track the progress of their ads. Also, they are benefitted by connecting to the new user base that might wish to use their services, if not right now then might be in the future.

Is Facebook Misusing your Information?

Again, as a user, if your statement is Yes, then Facebook completely denies this fact. As per them Facebook always wants that any organization or business using its business tool must notify people before using these tools.

Additionally, Facebook does not permit any organization to share any sensitive info of a user with them, such as their date of birth, their password, etc. And if any organization found to be violating these terms, Facebook will take strict action against them.

And last but not the least that as per Facebook they never sell user information to anyone.

So, guys, this all about how Facebook gathers your data and uses it through Off-Facebook Activity. If you like the information, then do share it in the comment box below.

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