Meetup – A Platform To Find New People With Common Interests

Meetup – A Platform To Find New People With Common Interests

Most tech giants are working hard to make this world ‘smaller’ by connecting people throughout the globe. Popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube aren’t the only ones, putting efforts to increase the horizon of local connectivity. Several app developers are also contributing new ideas to let the world connect with each other more closely.

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Today we’re talking about one such popular app Meetup. Introduced with the aim to help people connect, build new networks to pursue their passions, learn new things and find support! 

Meetup - A platform to find new people with common interests

What Is Meetup?

Meetup is an interesting platform that helps people with similar interests & purposes to connect with each other at a common place. By installing this app, users can easily join a previous erudite group or can create a new one of their welfare.

Meetup – Helps You Find People Who Share Common Interest & Aim

Seeing the growing demand of networking, Meetup offers a variety of services and features that allow individuals to join local groups to meet new faces & try something new. The platform creates an opportunity for users to find like minded people who enjoy your interests within five miles of your location. For instance, Photography, Travelling, Food, Fitness, or Art & organize.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can also create a new group.

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Search Meetup Near You Who Share Common Interest
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What’s more? You can create photo albums on the platform to recognize & get acknowledged by people around you!

Create Your Own Photo Album On Meetup Group

Think of Meetup albums as a crowdsourced memory bank!  By creating an album, one can easily share their photos. This album facilitates a feature to encourage other groups to organize frequent meetups and try new experiences!

Follow the steps below to upload photos on the meetup group:

On Desktop & Mobile Web Meetup automatically create photo albums when a user schedules meetup. Plus, users can upload or add their photos in albums with size of 10MB and in three formats including GIF, PNG or JPG.

Step 1: On Meetup group’s homepage > Meetups

Step 2: To upload photos of your recent meetups > Click Past

Step 3: Select the meetup on which you want to upload or Add photos

Step 4: Scroll down and click Add photos

Connect With Other Meetup Members On Social Media

Although meetup app does not demand any complicated process to create or join a group to meet new people but being an addict to social media these days. It totally makes sense to link your social media accounts to Meetup, so that you can share your recent meetup pictures and notifiy your friends about an upcoming event. 

Follow the steps given below to connect your social account with Meetup:

Step 1: Select Manage Group from the homepage of Meetup group.

Step 2: Go for Edit group settings

Step3: Select the section of Optional Features while scrolling down on “Follow us”

Step 4: After this, start adding each social network in the corresponding boxes

Step 5: Put URLs of your social profile in the reflected space

Step 6: Click on the Submit button to save the changes

Once you’re done adding your social media profiles, you’ll see an icon of each platform below the homepage of Meet group. This will enable users to engage with more fresh faces to explore their community’s interests and social circle.

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Meetup – The Best App To Broaden Your Social Circle

Meetup group is a great platform to increase local networks and social connectivity. Their Android & iOS apps are quite easy-to-use & allows people to share their memories and interests in a unique way

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