How To Make Calls Directly From Google Chrome

How To Make Calls Directly From Google Chrome

In the generation of texting and messaging, there is an equal percentage of people who like to connect with their friends and loved ones through calling. And I too believe that calling is still the best way to communicate with friends, family members, or loved ones.  While I have totally convinced you to stay connected with your friends through calling…. Why not use a new mode of calling and shock our friends with newly introduced technology.

Yes, it is right! You can make calls directly from Google Chrome… Exciting right!

Through this blog, I am showing how to make calls directly from Google Chrome.

How To Make A Call from Chrome Browser

You can only make a chrome call from Android, this feature is not available for iOS uses as of now. So, you have to download Google Chrome first, if it is not installed in your Android phone. Additionally, in order to make chrome calls make sure that you are using the same Google account on both desktop and your phone. If you have OS, you can use it because this version works on macOS, Chrome OD, Linux, and Windows. If you are using an android phone to make a call from Google Chrome, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Call from Chrome Browser

1. Open Google Chrome on the desktop.

2. Surf to the website that you want to call.

3. Select the number with the cursor.

4. Right-click on the selected number.

5. You will see a list. Now, look for an option named Call from your device.

6. Move the cursor on Call from your device, there; you will see a list of linked devices. Select the device from which you want to make a chrome call.

7. Click on the device.

8. If you have only one device linked, you will see directly as a call from “device-name” in the context name.

9. Keep your android phone handy. You will see a notification on your device.

10. Tap on the notification and number will dial from your default calling app.

Simply tap on the call button to make a direct call from the browser. From this point, consider the call as a regular phone call, you will be charged as per your plan.

This feature saves time and the mess we had to create in order to find a simple number.

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Make Calls from Chrome

Chrome call does not mean that chrome has some in-built feature that calls on your behalf. Chrome call simply means to dial a number on your phone straight from the window. You will definitely need to have your phone handy to make a chrome call. This feature of Google Chrome simply makes the process easy. Without this process, we have to dial the number manually, which is really messy. With this feature, you just have to simply click on the linked devices and here you go!

Make Calls from Chrome

If you do not see the calling option, you can also download the extension which is available on Google as “Make Calls From Google Chrome.

There are more extensions related to Chrome call like:

  • Click to Call Mobile
  • TeleGo
  • JustCall
  • Click n Call
  • Call From Browser
  • Dialer for Google Chrome

I hope this blog helps you to make a chrome call easily without a mess. Additionally, for more content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

We would love to hear from you, comment down and let us know if you face any difficulty while making a call directly from the browser.

Thanks for reading!

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