iOS 15 Adds New Feature To Apple Music App

iOS 15 Adds New Feature To Apple Music App

iOS 15 has introduced new features but the very significant feature which users wanted to see in the latest update was the up-gradation of Apple Music. iOS 15 has made Apple Music interesting and a host of features are added to it. Apple has tried its best to give users a personalized experience in the Apple music app.

When we put light on some of the most awaited features in the music app, then iOS 15 has done a great job by introducing a dedicated section where you will see all the music shared by you with your friends. Also now you can integrate the music with photos to create a personalized photo memories experience.

Apple Music has become very responsive and does not take time to open and play your favorite music on it. Also now it has become easy to share music with family and friends.

The latest update has made various changes altogether in all the apps of and Apple Music is one among them.

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Let’s see what new features are added to the music app

1. Dedicated section for music shared with you

Sharing music is an everyday activity and when any friend sends any link to a song or an album, then it is hard to segregate it from our playlist or to find it later when needed. Now with the new update users are pleased with the new feature of Apple music which gives you a dedicated section named Shared with you. In this section, all the music which is received by you from any friend will be found. It means whenever any friend will send any music link to you from their iPhone using the iMessage app on iOS 15 then that music will appear in the dedicated section so that it becomes easy for you to find it.

In the section, you will see the information of the music shared with you like the name of music shared, artist, the cover and art of the song, etc. Then under the song info now, you will also see that the music is shared by which friend so that you can remember that later.

To see how the Shared with you section looks you need to navigate to the Listen now tab under the Apple Music app and there you will see the Shared with You section at the bottom of the section.

Apple music

2. Personalized photo memories experience with matching music

Now you can make your photos’ memories even more beautiful by adding music to them. Until now users had no option to add music of their choice to the memories and they had to stick only to the given set of audio to choose from the list. But now with the new feature users can add any song to give a personal touch to photo memories and can make those memories relive.

Also, Apple Music will give you suggestions based on the place and time where your songs and videos were taken. These suggestions will allow users to mark the popular songs which will be related to that place.

To use this feature, you need to perform the following steps:-

  • Open the photos app and tap For You provided at the bottom.
  • Select memories you wish to add your favorite music to
  • Tap on the add music icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and again at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From here you need to select your favorite music which you want to add to memories.


3. Ask Siri to share music with friends and family

Personal assistant Siri is now more powerful and more intelligent. The new update has made Siri responsive when it comes to sharing music with friends. In the earlier updates, users had to share the music of their choice manually with their loved ones but now they simply have to ask Siri to send the music and Siri will do the rest job immediately.

The process of sharing music with friends with help of Siri is as follows:-

  • Open Apple Music on your device and play the song you like most
  • Once the song is started, then just ask Siri to send it to any of your friends by specifying friends name (Hey Siri, send this song to John)
  • Once you have asked Siri to do the needful, then Siri will confirm by showing you a preview of the song along with the name of the friend you want to share it with.
  • Now you will be directed to iMessages with the link of the song and the contact number of the friend. Now just tap on the blue arrow to send the message.

ios 15

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4. Spatial audio with dynamic Head tracking

This feature is only useful for those who have AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Spatial audio is a new feature that will give you 3D sound when you use the AirPods.

To enjoy this feature, you need to have a pair of AirPods so that you can enjoy the immersive sound quality.


iOS 15 has many new features and changes in the Apple Music app is one of them. Now you can use the Apple Music app and can send music to friends with help of Siri and also you can add your favorite music to photo memories. These are some great features that users are liking and it shows Apple’s intention to enhance its users’ experience of music.

If you would like to add something more to the given information, then please feel free to share your points in the comment section below.

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