How to Silent Your Apple Watch & Boost Focus?

Kill the Distraction with these Tricks!

How to Silent Your Apple Watch & Boost Focus?

Are you seeking ways to activate silent mode on your Apple watch? While many Apple Watch users prefer to keep their wrists adorned at all times, there are instances where engaging silent mode becomes essential, especially,  when the sound of notifications could annoy those around you. The adaptability of the Apple Watch has consistently positioned it as a leader in the smartwatch market. With its watchOS software, it seamlessly enhances the user experience on iPhones.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch has emerged as a promising wearable health tracker. In addition to monitoring heart rate, the Apple Watch can identify arrhythmias and record various forms of exercise, such as swimming, strength training, cycling, and running. Here, we will discuss the configuration of messages and notifications and the methods to silence the Apple watch.

How to Configure Messages?

Following are the ways to configure messages:

Step 1: Access the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your iPhone.

Step 2: To launch the Apple Watch app, touch the Apple Watch.

Step 3: Bring up the My Watch screen by tapping on it.

My Watch screen

Step 4: Press Messages app icon to bring up the Messages screen. Keep in mind that the Messages app utilizes the Mirror My iPhone setting by default.

Step 5: Tap on “Custom” to access the settings for Messages. Navigate to Audio Messages to manage audio message settings. You will find the controls for Alerts displayed here.

Step 6: To enable message alerts, toggle the “Show Alerts” switch to the  On position.

Step 7: To activate the sound alerts, press the Sound button.

Step 8: Change the Haptic switch to the “On” position to enable vibration alerts.

Step 9: Launch the Repeat alerts screen by tapping the corresponding button.

Step 10: You will find the option to choose notification frequency from the options – Never, Once, Twice, 3 Times, 5 Times, or 10 Times.

Step 11: To bring up the Messages screen again, select Messages.

Step 12: To notify the senders of your message receipts, you must turn ON the Send Read Receipts switch.

Read Receipts switch

Step 13: To access the Audio Messages screen, tap on that option.

Step 14: To choose between sending a recorded audio file or transcribed text, tap “Dictation” or “Audio”. Step 15: For always sending transcribed text, tap “Always Dictation”.

To send recorded Audio by default, tap “Always Audio”.

Step 16: Press Messages icon to bring up the Messages interface.

Step 17: To access the Default Replies screen, tap on that option.

Step 18: You can now modify the preset reply by tapping on it. The next step is to enter the desired text.

You have the option to send a read receipt. Senders can verify message receipt by clicking “Send”. This can be particularly useful if the recipient needs to confirm receipt before taking further action, such as making a call or sending an email.   Therefore, sending read receipts may not always be advisable, especially if it could expose too much personal information about you.

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How to Configure Notifications?

If push notifications are enabled on your iPhone, they will also appear on your Apple Watch. This is because Apple Watch automatically mirrors the notifications from your iPhone.

Turning on the Notification Indicator will show a red dot on your watch face if there are any unread notifications so that you won’t miss a thing.

If you want to get alerts for certain apps on your iPhone, you can enable them in the Notification Center. These apps probably already have access on your iPhone, but you should double-check and ensure they are enabled for notifications.

Step 1: Launch the Apple Watch on your iOS device.

Step 2: Select the “My Watch” option.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, choose notification.

drop-down menu

Step 4: Switch on the indicator showing On/Off notification.

Additionally, you can choose to make notifications private which means you would need to tap the screen to reveal them.

Customize Notifications

You can access additional  customization options in a few Apple apps, including Calendar, Mail, and Messages. Before doing anything, ensure that the notification you want to change is already enabled on your iPhone.

Step 1: On your iOS device, launch the Apple Watch.

Step 2: Press the option called “Notifications”

Step 3: Choose the app that you would like to modify.

Step 4: Select “Custom” from the “Mirror my iPhone” menu to access customization options for sound, haptics, and repeat.

additional customization

The only way to turn on or off the third-party app notification mirroring from your iPhone is by using the app’s toggle, as these apps do not offer any customization options.

Following the configuration sections, we will delve into the method to silence the Apple watch.

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How to Put Apple Watch on Silent Mode?

To set your Apple Watch on silent mode completely, you can visit the Apple Watch’s Control Center.

Step 1: Press the Side button on your Apple Watch if you’re using  watchOS 10, or later, to access the Control Center. If you’re using watchOS 9 or an older version, swipe upward from the bottom of the screen.

using watchOS 9

Step 2: Press the little bell icon which represents Silent Mode. it will turn red when turned on.

Step 3: You can prevent the Apple Watch from making a sound when receiving a notification by using this method.

Apple Watch silence

These steps are good enough for Apple Watch silence and you can use it without any distraction.


Silencing your Apple Watch can be useful for a variety of reasons. It helps prevent your Apple Watch from emitting disruptive sounds, such as during classes or meetings when concentration is essential  For instance, if you own a new Apple Watch Ultra 2, muting it might be advantageous. . Regardless of whether you’re using an older Apple Watch or the latest model with watchOS 10, the procedure remains the same.

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