Insight Into Fileless Malware

Insight Into Fileless Malware

What Is It?

It is the type of malware which does not reside in Hard Disk. It does not store any files on the secondary memory. It is usually attached with native Windows program so that it cannot be detected easily.

They usually attack Windows tools which makes them harder to be detected. And once they attack Windows program they can get root access which makes them more dangerous.

This malware takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of the OS and other programs to attack. Once they enter into a legitimate program they start attacking the system.

Detection of The Malware

Fileless malware are very difficult to detect as these are available in memory and these malware use legitimate program to execute commands on its behalf.

However, you can self-analyze your system on order to detect what is wrong with your system.

  • You can check your network activity. If you see that anything is wrong, it means your system is infected.
  • You will notice unusual system activity.
  • Unknown software will be installed on your system.
  • Take use of dedicated antimalware software, whose work is to only find and malware.

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How to Prevent It?

Prevention of this type of malware is important. We have to make sure that our system is always protected.

  • Always keep your OS and all other software updated. Companies regularly release different patches; these are for vulnerabilities left in the software. You can apply these patches by downloading the updates.
  • Download and install good antimalware and antivirus program on your system. It will not only protect your system but it will remove any existing infections from your system.
  • Keep your antimalware and antivirus program updated. To work effectively antimalware and antivirus program constantly needs to update their database. The database contains virus and malware definitions which will help in detecting them.
  • Do not download and install any software from untrusted websites, usually these software are not legit and contain malware and virus.
  • Do not open attachments received with unknown email.

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This malware used is not new. In fact, this malware is used in many attacks. This malware is very effective as it is impossible to detect. We have to make sure that our system is secure in every aspect to prevent our system from attacks. Fileless malware will steal all your personal information without getting detected. Many antivirus and antimalware product are unable to detect these kinds of malware.

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