Insider Information On Trojan Horse

Insider Information On Trojan Horse

The word ‘Trojan’ as it relates to malware is extensively used on the Internet. But do you know what a Trojan actually does to your infected PC? This short article will describe what a Trojan is… and what the devastating consequences a Trojan can have to your PC and your online life.

As the story goes, the Greeks wheeled a massive horse right up to the gates of Troy. Mistaking the horse for a victory gift, the Greeks wheeled in the horse to the courtyard amongst much pomp and splendor. It wasn’t until late that night when dozens of stiff but angry Greek soldiers jumped out of the belly of the horse and began demolishing the city did the residents of Troy realize their mistake. Of course, by that point it was already too late.

Malware Trojans closely follow this story. Trojans are just like the horse: in and of themselves harmless vessels but having the power to transport dangerous and malicious programs.

Here are the top four modi operandi for the most dangerous Trojans out there on the Internet: –

One: They Are Masters of Disguise

Trojan Horse
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Trojans do a great job of looking like legitimate programs to your computer’s operating system. Trojans are normally sneakily bundled up with freeware programs or distributed by self-replicating worm viruses to email accounts and IM applications. Once Trojans have installed themselves onto the host computer, they quickly copy their file locations deep inside the Windows Registry, making them incredibly difficult to remove without the help of a good anti-malware tool.

Two: Have You Met My Friend?

Trojan Horse
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As we saw before, Trojans in themselves aren’t damaging… but their friends sure are. Trojans help other malware to get into the infected computer, hence considered as one of the best methods to attack computers irrespective of computer’s operating system.

While it is the cyber criminal’s choice what malware will be bundled up with the Trojan, you can be sure that it will not be friendly. Commonly spyware and keyloggers are bundled up with Trojans. These small but deadly programs have the ability to record each keystroke that you make, potentially stealing your passwords, usernames and other personal pieces of information and send these details back to their master. Once these online villains get your details, they can wreak havoc not only on your online life, but also your real-world finances.

Three: Can You Send This Email For Me?

Trojan Horse
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Trojans also frequently contain scripts that change your Internet security settings and allow your computer to become part of a ‘botnet’. For those who don’t know, botnets are remotely controlled army of host computers doing whatever they are instructed.

Once these ‘backdoors’ have been opened on your computer, you can quickly find that your PC is sending bucket loads of spam. Worse, your computer might be even hosting illegal content on the Internet without your consent. Isn’t that scary?

Four: Now Just A Word From Our Sponsors

Trojan Horse
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Because it is all about the ill-gained money for malware developers, Trojans also frequently lower your Internet security settings and make sure that you are an easy target for adware, which are programs specifically designed to serve you dozens of unwanted commercials. These ads are all designed to rake in the cash for its owners.

As you can see, the potential damage that Trojans can cause is only really limited by your imagination. At the least, you could be bombarded with adverts. But at the other end of the scale, you could find yourself sending unsolicited spam to thousands of inboxes and having your identity whisked away in front of your eyes.

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