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Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone
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Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has emerged as one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with more than 1.5 billion active users on a monthly basis. Despite its global popularity, there is one thing the users clamoring for, Multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

Dual Whatsapp in One Phone
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We all know about the concept of problems and their solutions. Whenever there is an obstacle, there will surely be a way out. In the same way, if you just search for the ways or methods to use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one phone, you will find many of them or a few apps maybe.

So, in order to save you time, we have enlisted below the most reliable ways you can opt to use dual WhatsApp account on your phone:

1. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Phone

2. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in iPhone

1. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Phone

A. Setup of Guest Users

One of the simplest ways to access two WhatsApp in one mobile phone is to use an android phone that lets you set up a guest user account just like your PC. With the help of this feature, you can log in from a different account and download another copy of WhatsApp on your phone. Let’s go through the method as given below:

Please note: We consider that the WhatsApp is already installed in your phone so skipping this step.

a. Go to Settings and create a new Android User

b. Log in to the mobile with the second user profile with another Gmail address (If not, create one)

c. Access the Play Store and download the WhatsApp app.

d. Follow the same process of setting up WhatsApp on your Android phone. As simple as that. Hope this method works for you.

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B. Use GbWhatsApp

In order to use two WhatsApp in one phone, another workaround is to use GbWhatsApp. This application is like a mirror of the WhatsApp app but with more cool and customized features.

Below are the steps to follow to use GbWhatsApp

a. Download the GbWhatsApp apk file from here.

b. Install the apk file on your Android device.

c. Open the app and register via your sim card number

d. Start using two WhatsApp in one mobile phone.

C. Use WhatsApp Business

A lot of us are familiar with this app “WhatsApp Business” which has already been used by many small or medium businessmen. They manage their business world on this app and the app is working flawlessly.

This app lets you set up dual WhatsApp account in the same phone via the below steps:

a. Download “WhatsApp Business” from Google Play Store

b. Install the App

c. Set Up another account using the second number and start using multiple WhatsApp accounts

D. Use MultiWhatsapp

Just like GbWhatsApp, this is also an app that helps you to have WhatsApp accounts on one android phone. The only difference is that with this app, you can create as many WhatsApp accounts as you want.

Let’s follow the below process and have multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android phone:

a. Visit the official website and download the app

b. Open the installed app and tap on “Click To Build”

c. After this, the app will ask you to install and duplicate your WhatsApp.

d. Now you can create and activate an account.

2. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in iPhone

A. Use WhatsApp 2

In order to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone, this is one of the simplest ways. How these methods work by creating an exact copy of your WhatsApp. However, it saves your iPhone under a different name to allow 2 instances of the same app. Please follow this process for getting two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone:

Note: We consider that you already have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone.

a. Launch the Safari app and visit “ or

b. Tap on “WhatsApp 2” and download it.

c. After installation, go to “Settings > General > Profile and enable “Trust VNE Software“.

d. Now you set the WhatsApp2 accordingly to your convenience and you are good to go.

B. Use WhatsApp Business

Just like in Android phones, WhatsApp Business app is compatible with iOS as well. You can go ahead and download the app from the App Store.

You can follow the same process that we use to install any other app so now formula is required for that.

For more reference, you can check the “Use WhatsApp Business” for Android phones if it helps you.

Click here and download the WhatsApp Business app here and enjoy accessing multiple WhatsApp accounts on iPhone.

Wrapping Up

So using multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone seems quite doable now. However, in case you aren’t able to install the above method correctly, there may be a chance for data corruption. So it’s advisable to take proper backup of your WhatsApp data before performing any method.

Be it iOS or Android, using two WhatsApp accounts is possible with the above most used and trusted ways.

In case you are using one that isn’t in the list, do notify us in the below comments and we will include the same in the blog.

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