How To Turn Old Phone Into Security Camera

How To Turn Old Phone Into Security Camera

We all have spare phones kept aside at our homes, do you know you can use them for your home security? Yes, you heard it right. Take out your old unused smartphones and utilize them for a better thing. Doesn’t it sound like recycling old and unused things? Well, it might be. Wondering how to turn your old phone into a security camera? Well, it’s a simple process, but ensure that the smartphone you are thinking to reuse should be running in a proper working condition.

What can you make out of an old smartphone? You can use an old phone as a security camera, baby monitor and much more. In this article, we will tell you the ways to turn your Android or iPhone into a security camera.

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How To Use An Old Phone As A Security Camera?

There might be numerous ways to reuse your old phones, be it an Android or an iPhone. But one of the most useful ways is to use your old phone as a security camera for your home. How do I do that? Follow the step-by-step guide below to turn your Android or iPhone into a security camera.

Step 1: Install a security camera app on your old smartphone

Step 2: Choose a spot where you would like to place your phone camera

Step 3: Mount and setup your new security camera

Install A Security Camera App On Your Old Smartphone

The very first thing is to install a reliable security camera app on your old phone. There are many applications that offer distinct features like local as well as cloud streaming, recording and storing footages locally and remotely, motion detection and alerts, and many others. With a good-to-go security camera app, you can monitor your home and other spaces remotely using your old phone.

Our Recommendation

Reuse Phone into home Security

We recommend using ALFRED- DIY CCTV Home Security Camera, IP Webcam mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. This cross-platform app is free to use and gives you a remote view of your live feed. Chosen by over 15-million people around the world, this home security app is bundled with compatible features such as live stream, instant intruder alert, night vision, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage etc.

How to set up Alfred?

  • Download Alfred on both old and new device.
  • Open the security camera app and skip the introduction pages. Tap Start to proceed.
  • Out of two options, select Viewer and tap Next.


  • Now on the sign in page, click Sign in with Google and complete the sign-up process with your Google Account credentials.
  • Now, follow the same steps on the phone that you have to turn into a security camera.
  • Remember, on the old phone you have to choose Camera while setting up. Also, you need to sign in with the same Google account details.


Once done, your phone is signed into Alfred. Now start using your security camera and operate it remotely. The camera option is made limited to only a few settings.

On iOS:  You can only use motion detection and choose between the front and rear cameras, enable and disable autos.

On Android: You can use motion detection, change camera and enable continuous focus, restart Alfred when phone reboots, set a resolution and enable a passcode lock.

On the new phone, you can access more settings such as turning notifications on/off, giving a name to camera or viewer, creating a Trust Circle (granting access to trustworthy people to your video feeds). Moreover, you get features to remove the camera, settings for motion detection sensitivity, capability to enable a low-light filter on cameras and much more. Well, Alfred is just our recommendation. You are free to choose any app that you like out of for turning your old Android phone into security camera. Some great available options are Manything, Salient Eye etc.

Position Your Camera At The Right Place

Once the setup is done, it is the time, when you need to position the camera to get a proper view of the area you wish to keep an eye. You have to choose out of many places like- your home entry, backyard, driveway, the place you have all your valuables or anywhere you feel it is required. If you have multiple old spare phones, you can set them up at multiple positions for perfect and overall video coverage. You can also turn your old phone into a baby monitor.

Mount And Set Up The All-New Security Camera

You need additional equipment to mount or position the camera. Be it a small tripod or a suction cup car mount, you need the best of all that can do wonders at every place.

That’s all folks! This is how you can turn your old Android or iPhone into a security camera without many hassles. You can even buy a wide lens for your phone for a broader view; stream video is power-intensive that keeps your phone on 24/7. Make sure that you place your old phone close to the power source to ensure it stays on for a longer period. Have you ever heard of making your old phones a home security camera or have you ever tried it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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