How to Protect Your System from Malware Attacks

How to Protect Your System from Malware Attacks

Everything in this world has two aspects,both good and evil. This same thing goes with technology as well. Where on one side it made our lives easier, but on other side  it also opened the doors to a laundry list of security vulnerabilities. In recent time, these cyber threats have increased to such an extent that a novice users often end up being victimized.

Hence, simply leaving everything to your Antivirus program isn’t really enough to stay safe on the internet. We have summed up some measures that will help you protect your system from malware attacks and other internet threats.

  • Be sure enough before clicking links/ downloading attachments sent over email: This is one of the basic step towards your system security. The latest trend reveals that most of the attacks occurred due to the infected attachment or link attached with the email.

Therefore, it is recommended to never click on the link in an email or open an attachment that has come from unknown sender.

  • Use strong and different password for your all accounts: Undoubtedly, password is a direct entry to the security of your system. Many at times it is seen that people use common passwords or the passwords which can be easily cracked. Also reports shows that it is common tendency of the humans to use same passwords for all their accounts. This means that attack on one account will ultimately result in compromise for all accounts.

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We recommend you to use strong passwords which should be alphanumeric along with a special character. You can also use password managers to generate strong and secure passwords. Moreover, enable 2-step verification wherever applicable.

  • Be careful before downloading a program: Nothing comes for free in this world. It means if you are getting some software which cost 100’s of dollars for free then surely there must be some catch.

Therefore, only download the software from the trustworthy or official sites. Also make sure that the download link of the software is not redirecting you to any third party or possibly an infected site.

  • Enable Automatic Updates: No software is completely free from security threats. This means attackers can easily find loopholes in the software which even come from most trusted and renowned companies. Therefore, often you have find software like Chrome, Mozilla, Adobe Flash/Reader, MS Word release their updates time to time. These updates themselves contains the security patches for the ongoing and upcoming threats.
    Enable Automatic Updates

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Therefore, it is recommended to update all the software installed on your system whenever their update is available. You can also enable automatic update functionality for all the software installed on your machine.

  • Always use Antivirus and Anti-Malware programs for your PC: If you are a Windows 10 user then thankfully you have Windows Defender as your default antivirus. However, if you wish to use any other anti-virus program then you can choose between various antivirus software available in the market. One thing which you one should know that along with a good antivirus software you also need an anti-malware program for an all-round protection of your system.Always use Antivirus and Anti-Malware programs for your PC

Therefore, it is recommended to use the best available anti-virus and anti-malware program for your system. Also keep their definitions updated so that they can protect you from all possible threats.

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It is a very old saying that prevention is always better than cure. But regardless of its age, it still remains apt to this day. If we stay alert and follow all the above listed measures, then it will minimize the risk of malware attacks.

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