How To Merge PDF Files Online For Free?

5 best websites to join PDF files online.

How To Merge PDF Files Online For Free?

Any digital document with an extension “.PDF” is a PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is different from other digital documents as it is a Read-Only file and cannot be edited. This type of document was created by Adobe in 1990 and can be opened in any computer by any browser, word processing apps or Adobe’s Acrobat Reader which is free to use.

What is PDF

Why is it better than Word document or notepad .txt file?

A document that cannot be edited is locked and retains its formatting whenever and wherever opened. Unlike Microsoft Word documents that change that layout in different versions of Microsoft Office. PDF files are more preferred in user manuals, eBooks, application forms and official documents. PDF documents can include Hyperlinks, interactive buttons, embedded fonts and much more.

The best websites that Merge PDF files online for free

1. PDF Merge. Powered by Soda PDF

One of the easiest tools to combine PDF files online is PDF Merge. Just open the website and it gives you options to select PDF files stored on your hard drive and merge all PDF files into a single file. Apart from acting as a successful PDF binder, it can also be used to carry various other tasks involving PDF files like Convert, Edit, Compress, etc. It allows users to either locate the file on your storage device or drag and drop the file onto the website. PDF Merge online also has a desktop version that acts as a PDF joiner on offline machines and facilitates sending the output file as an email attachment.

PDF Merge

Although it is free to use it is bound by certain limitations and can only merge PDF files online that are below 5 MB in size. Any file larger than that would require you to purchase the software. Another drawback is that it does not allow the users to rename the final merged PDF file before download.

To visit the website, Click Here.

2. PDF Joiner


PDF Joiner

Unlike PDF Merge online, PDF Joiner allows the user to select multiple files at a go as you press the ‘Upload Files’ button. Once the files are uploaded, a single click on the ‘Join Files’ will not only join your files but even download the final output of merged PDF files, automatically on your computer. PDF Joiner is a very popular method followed by millions of users across the globe to merge PDF files online. It allows the users to compress their PDF file sizes and convert PDF files into various other formats like DOCX, Text, JPG and XPS and vice versa. The only limitation identified is that it does not allow more than 20 files at one time but other than that it is truly a remarkable tool to join PDF online.

To visit the website, Click Here.

3. Small PDF

Smallpdf is another online PDF binder that allows users to combine PDF files online for free. It also offers unique features such as download files from Google Drive or Dropbox, join PDF online and upload the final merged file back to the cloud storage. This saves time and space and does not require the user to delete any files from the computer.

Small PDF

Smallpdf is one of the few tools that join PDF online and offer an option to either combine PDF files online as a whole in File Mode or as individual pages in Page Mode. The order of the pages can be changed and even deleted as per user discretion.

Smal PDF page view

Once merged it gives you the option to download the final Merged PDF file for free. However, if you want to rename it then you will have to switch to the Pro version.

Small PDF Output options

Other than download, Smallpdf provides the user with many other options to carry out with the merged PDF file. You can email it as a file, copy the page link and share it, save it to online cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. If you want to edit the PDF file, then you will have to purchase the Pro Version. Other than that, you can compress the existing PDF files and add Smallpdf as a chrome extension in your browser.

Small PDF description

To visit the website, Click Here.

4. FoxyUtils Merge PDFFoxyutils merge PDF

FoxyUtils Merge PDF is an efficient PDF binder that allows the user to merge PDF files online on their computer. It does not provide any extraordinary features like Smallpdf but the reason why it made it to this list is the ‘deed of planting trees’ based on the count of operations which the team at FoxyUtils have assured to do.

To visit the website, Click Here.

5. PDF Resizer

One of the commonly used tools that combine PDF online for free is PDF resizer. It enables the users to carry out different tasks related to PDFs other than just being a PDF binder. Apart from merging PDF files online, PDF Resizer also empowers its users to split, resize, convert, crop and rotate their PDF files.

PDF Resizer

Many websites offer their users the facility for PDF files to be merged online, but PDF resizer is a dedicated website that even allows the users to convert image files into PDF and delete pages within existing PDF files.

To visit the website, Click Here.


PDF files have become a part and parcel of our everyday life, and it is important to know exactly how to tackle these files.  A while ago, PDF files were only managed by ADOBE which still has premium software for PDF files. Now there are a lot of third-party websites that can help you edit, compress and merge PDF files online. And the best part is that it is all done for free. If you know of other websites that offer extra features other than simple margining of PDF files online, then please mention them in the comments section below.

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