How To Change Login Name On Windows 10

Want to update the Sign-in name on Windows 10? Learn the best ways to change your login name in a few steps.

How To Change Login Name On Windows 10

Changing sign-in or login names might have your own reasons, be it casually changing username or because you have changed the name recently and misspelled it, or you just want your full name to be shown on screen instead of a nickname. Well, whatever is the reason, Windows 10 being a flexible platform offers you a set of few ways to change your username on Windows 10 in no time.

Excited to know the ways? Read the article further to know about the ways and methods to change the account name appearing on the login screen.

How To Change Login Name On Windows 10?

There are four major ways to change the sign-in name on your Windows PC. The list of them is as follows:

How To Change Username Using Settings On Windows 10

Well, Windows Settings is a huge segment wherein you can tweak and play with a lot of things from personalization to control access, it has much to offer. Similarly, it allows you to change your login name. When you use Microsoft Account to login Windows 10, it takes down your username from the cloud. It means you have to go online to change the settings and your username for Windows.

Follow the steps below to begin:

  • On your Windows PC, go to Settings > Accounts.

Windows Account setting

Go to Account Info - Manage My Microsoft Account

  • It will redirect you to Microsoft Home Page, wherein you need to sign-in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  • Once login, go to your profile section and in the top left click on More Actions.
  • Now, click on Edit Profile > Edit Name (under your current username).
  • Then, replace your old login name with the new username.

Note: For enhanced privacy, try using the first six letters of your name and last two letters of your last name. This is also known as 6×2 username by networking professionals.

  • Next, you will see a challenge, type in the exact same letters in the type box and click on Save.

That’s it! Your login name on Windows 10 has been changed. Restart your computer to apply a new sign-in name. However, it will require a little time to get synced and updated.

Note: Changing your username for Windows online using this method will also change your name on any of the services connected to Microsoft account like Xbox Live, Outlook, etc.

How To Change Username Using Control Panel On Windows 10

Using a local account? You can change your login name on Windows 10 using the Control Panel of your PC. You can change the username using three ways under the Control Panel. Check them out.

a. Change Login Name Using User Accounts

Follow these steps to change the login name on Windows 10:

  • Go to the Control Panel and locate User Accounts.
  • Choose Change account type and select your local account to change its name.
  • Now from the next window, choose Change the account name.
  • Enter the new account name and click on Change Name.

That’s it! This will change your login name on windows that is visible on both sign-out and sign-in screen. Read on further to learn other ways to change sign-in name on Windows 10.

b.  Use netplwiz to Change Username On Windows

To change the login name, the other ways include the use of legacy account management tools i.e. netplwiz. To use this way, follow these steps:

  • Search for netplwiz using the search box in Taskbar.
  • Hit enter on the top result that appears.
  • Now on the window that opens, click on the Users tab, then the displayed account name and click Properties.
  • Update the fields displayed. You can change both User name and Full name.

Use netplwiz to Change Username On Windows

Note: If you want to see a nickname on the login window, keep the Full Name field empty.

  • Click on Apply, then OK, and again OK.
  • You’ll see a dialog box asking you to sign-out. Click on

Dialog box to sign out

After your PC restarts, you’ll see a new login name on Windows sign-in screen.

Note: These steps are only valid for local accounts.

c. Use Computer Management To Change Windows 10 Login Name

This is the last method to change login name on Windows 10. Here, we are using computer management as a tool. Follow the steps ahead to change your existing username:

  • On the Start Menu, search and open Computer Management.
  • Expand The System Tools and double-click on Local Users and Groups.
  • Now, click on Users, select your account and right-click on the Properties.

Select on the Account click on properties

  • On the window that opens, click on the General tab and enter the new name under the field Full Name.
  • Once confirmed, click on Apply and then OK.

Admin Properties

That’s it! Your new username has been saved.


Changing the login name on Windows 10 is quite simple using any of these ways, isn’t it? Now that you know all the possible ways to change the username on Windows 10, try them out anytime you find it suitable updating your sign-in information. Also to ensure privacy, try using the 6×2 formula of changing username.

Drop us a note if you have anything to suggest or simply send us your feedback if you find the information helpful.

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