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How Hackers Attacked PyBitmessage to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Key
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How Hackers Attacked PyBitmessage to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Key

What is Zero-Day Vulnerability?

These are security flaws unknown to developers and attacks that take advantage of this vulnerability are called Zero Day attack.

What is Bitmessage?

It is a peer to peer messaging service. It is used to send and receive encrypted message to a user or a group. Bitmessage is a decentralized and does not need to trust different entities to send and receive any information. PyBitmessage is a messaging client for Bitmessage.

Attackers have recently used zero-day vulnerability to steal private key of many bitcoin wallets. The security flaw was found in PyBitmessage version Developers of Bitmessage issued a warning that vulnerability in PyBitmessage is used by hackers to steal information. They have also said that the vulnerability has already been fixed, and users can download the updated version.

Bitmessage developers said that a vulnerability called remote code execution affected PyBitmessage version 0.6.2. Using remote code execution vulnerability attackers tried to gain access to remote system. Attackers were looking for the wallet keys that are stored on the remote location to steal cryptocurrency. Attackers sent malicious message to the users, which then ran an automated script to steal information.

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And since it was a zero-day vulnerability, developers were unaware about this, until this vulnerability was exploited.

Developers of Bitmessage now fixed the exploit and released a new version of PyBitmessage This vulnerability exists in the version 0.6.2 only. Even the PyBitmessage version 0.6.1 is safe.

Therefore, to remove this vulnerability users should upgrade the PyBitmessage to version or downgrade it to version 0.6.1.


How to Make Sure You are Safe from Zero-Day attack:

There is nothing you can do about Zero-Day attack as it takes advantage of vulnerabilities that are unknown to the developers. These vulnerabilities are called Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

However, you can make note of some points which will ensure maximum safety.

  • Always make sure that all the software you are using are up to date.
  • Install firewall on your system and always keep it enabled.
  • Install a good security system on your system.
  • Keep your security system always updated.
  • Do not send any sensitive information using any messaging application.
  • Developers should regularly work on their code to find flaws before attackers do.

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Attackers do not leave any chances to steal from other people. It is always recommended to have extra security to stay safe from the attacks. Recently there many incidents that have been reported, due to increase in cryptocurrency traders. With a considerable increase in the price of cryptocurrency many people want to cash in on money trading cryptocurrency.

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