Why Is Wi-Fi So Slow On My Phone?

Why Is Wi-Fi So Slow On My Phone?

Are you facing slow internet speed over Wi-Fi on the phone? Or is the Wi-Fi slow on Android phone but working smoothly on other devices such as laptops, and tablets? When performing a time-sensitive task, a poor internet connection can be quite annoying.

If you are dealing with “phone Wi-Fi slow” or “Android Wi-Fi slow” kind of issues, then in this case, you might consider trying some of the suggestions below. So, let’s get started with the reasons why your phone’s Wi-Fi internet speed is slow and how you can fix the issue.

Reasons Why Is Wi-Fi Slow On Your Android Phone

Don’t panic, though, if you’ve been wondering for a while how to fix Android Wi-Fi slow issue.  Here are some reasons and their simple solutions to increase the speed of your mobile’s Wi-Fi internet, follow these instructions.

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1. Placement Of Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi Router

Look up where your router is. Even wireless routers have a range cap. Your Wi-Fi internet speed will be reduced if you are far off your Wi-Fi router or big objects like furniture or thick walls separate you from your router. As a result, the internet speeds you receive may be much slower than you’d anticipate if you’re far from the Wi-Fi router, such as in the furthest room that is most remote in your home or outside.

Put it in a common area of your home where there won’t be as many distractions. It is also preferable to set it down on a surface with height.

2. Congested Wi-Fi Issue

Congested Wi-Fi Issue

Other devices, such as Bluetooth speakers and microwaves, generate radio waves using the same frequency as Wi-Fi signals, often broadcast within a specific range of bands. Utilizing apps like NetX & Network Analyzer, you may check the strength of the Wi-Fi network if your smartphone is getting a weak Wi-Fi signal or if it suddenly disconnects and reconnects itself. These handy apps scan your current Wi-Fi connections and list any potential interference signals for your gadget.

Therefore, while attempting to determine the signal quality, an app like Network Analyzer is helpful while trying to determine the signal quality. To determine whether there is network interference while attempting to determine the signal quality by the Network Analyzer application. Change each channel’s frequency bandwidth on your network equipment once you’ve located it.

3. A VPN Is Causing The Android Wi-Fi Slow Issue

Surfshark VPN

Did you even know that your VPN preference could significantly impact how quickly you can access the internet? Many individuals use different VPN apps on their phones to protect their data, stay hidden online, or access stuff from different countries. Despite the fact that VPN services are wonderful, a cheap/free VPN provider can occasionally slow down the Wi-Fi on your phone.

Try temporarily turning one off if you have a free VPN and experiencing poor phone internet speeds to see if it helps.

Writer’s Tip: You would receive considerably better privacy and security advantages from a premium VPN provider like Surfshark than a free VPN service.

4. Look Out For Wi-Fi Noise

Some electronic equipment produces noise, which might impair the performance of your Wi-Fi network. Any source of electromagnetic radiation or wireless transmissions might cause interference. Microwaves, wireless doorbells, and cordless phones all have the potential to interfere with your Wi-Fi phone’s frequency and connection.

These gadgets have the potential to obstruct a 2.4GHz router’s signal. Place your router far from these appliances, or you can enable 5GHz broadcasting by navigating to your router’s settings if you have a relatively new router that supports it.

5. Too Many users At The Sametime

In your home or office, you can have a strong Wi-Fi internet connection that is used by many users. While this doesn’t affect the internet speed when using a Wi-Fi router, it does reduce the amount of bandwidth that is accessible. In this case, You may all experience a phone Wi-Fi slow problem because each device consumes a sizable portion of the bandwidth.

In this situation, you might consider halting any downloads or streaming to lessen the strain on the Internet connection.

6. Your Smartphone Is Old & Slow

Smartphone Is Old & Slow

A old and slow smartphone might be another reason for the phone’s slow internet \issue. You might have a superb mobile data connection, perfect Wi-Fi coverage, and a quick network. But it’s possible that your phone just cannot handle the workload you’re placing on it. An outdated smartphone might simply be unable to meet today’s minimum standards. The phone hardware might be having trouble generating a webpage, for instance.

GPS, games, and apps everything is timely updated and functionally dependent on the phone’s resources. Your phone may simply be too old if you experience slow internet speed over wifi on the phone. You should consider buying a new updated smartphone in such a scenario.

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Final Words

So, these are some possible causes and their solutions, why is your phone’s Wi-Fi slow? I’m hoping Tthat the Slow Wifi Android problem has been resolved. Which strategy worked for you? Let us know in the comments section.

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