10 Popular Google Doodle Games You Should Play

Kill Free Time with These Free & Amazing Google Doodle Games!

10 Popular Google Doodle Games You Should Play

Google has released several popular Google Doodle games over the past few years, and they’re sure to alleviate your boredom. To commemorate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous people, Google occasionally makes short-lived changes to the logo known as Doodle Games.

Interactive games comprise many of Doodles’ releases and have grown in popularity. In this article, we tried, tested, compared, and reviewed some of the best Google Doodle games in more detail,  a few of them as our favorites.

Top 10 Doodle Games on Google You Can Play This 2024

Right now, these are the top Google Doodle games available. Playing them does not require an active Internet connection and is possible on nearly any device with a functional modern browser. So, let’s check them out.

1. Pac-Man

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man arcade game, Google created the Pac-Man Doodle. It was playable on the Google homepage for 48 hours starting May 21, 2010. Players take control of a pixelated version of the legendary arcade game Pac-Man in the Pac-Man Doodle, guiding him through a labyrinth where he must collect dots while dodging ghosts.


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  • You can control Pac-Man by swiping your fingers using a laptop or a smartphone
  • You can gather dots in the Doodle using the arrow keys, just like in the original game
  • Every specter possesses its own personalized artificial intelligence system

2. Pangolin Love

With a backdrop of flowers and leaves, the Google Doodle featured two pangolins holding a heart-shaped balloon and cuddling. Rolling across the floor like Sonic the Hedgehog and dodging obstacles, Pangolin aims to reach the finishing line, where he finds a letter from his beloved. This is where the game begins.


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  • Their hind legs allow them to walk on two wheels while their front limbs and tail droop off the ground
  • The evolutionary adaptation that allows them to devour termites and ants is a long, sticky tongue extending beyond their bodies’ length
  • With 46 or 47 vertebrae, they have more than any other mammal

3. Doodle Champion Island Games

So far, the most popular Google Doodle game has been the Doodle Champions Island Game. It was released during the 2020 Summer Olympics. Completing the game will take over six hours if you follow the path. You need to defeat the champion of each of the seven distinct sports located across the island.

Doodle Champions Island Game

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  • Assisting those in need allows players to complete side quests.
  • As the game progresses, players are introduced to a diverse cast of characters.
  • It ingeniously utilizes the keyboard’s limited controls, and the game crafts enjoyable and distinct mini-games after each other.

4. Quick, Draw

In Google’s Doodle game Quick, Draw, you have to depict an item the game gives you. The computer gives you 20 seconds to draw a word on a whiteboard. If a word is too tough to draw, you can skip it in the game. Before deciding how you fared against other players using the same words, you’ll have the chance to sketch five distinct objects.

Quick, Draw

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  • Utilises a neural network to make educated guesses about the player’s drawings.
  • Twenty seconds is all you have in each of the six rounds to draw a random prompt.
  • At the end of each round, players get to see their drawings, the results, and how the AI compared them to other players’ drawings.

5. Garden Gnomes

In Garden Gnomes, you get to operate a catapult,  launching clay gnomes into the garden by pressing the spacebar or clicking. As your gnome grows taller, you can plant more flowers in the garden. Accumulating more miles also grants you bonus points.

 Garden Gnomes

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  • Six unique gnomes with varying sizes, weights, and bounciness are available.
  • To make your gnome shoot farther, you can use logs as cannons.
  • For your gnome’s propulsion, try using mushrooms as trampolines.

6. Bubble Tea

There’s no denying that Bubble Tea has recently gained global popularity, and rightfully so. At the beginning of the year, Google celebrated this sweet and satisfying drink that will bless your soul. Playing as a bipedal fox on a rainy day, you sell bubble tea to customers in Bubble Tea Doodle. All you have to do is sell the tea and fulfill the orders.

Bubble Tea

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  • Each player fills five cups with boba balls, milk, and flavouring until they reach the target line.
  • The head chef becomes irritated if a player fails to reach the recommended limit.
  • Rain and soothing music fill the air as you play the game.

7. Magic Cat Academy

For Halloween, Google created the interactive game Magic Cat Academy. You take control of Momo, a black cat, and your mission is to protect the Magic Cat Academy from a horde of ghosts. Use the touch screen or mouse to draw various shapes to fend off the invading ghosts.

Magic Cat Academy

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  • Each of the game’s five levels is faster and more challenging than the last.
  • Learn to command Momo and cast spells with the help of the computer,
  • Defeat ghosts by drawing the symbols above them.

8.  Rockmore Doodle

Discover the fundamentals of music notation and create your compositions with the Rockmore Doodle. This Google Doodle game begins with a brief tutorial introducing you to the names of various musical notes. Then, in front of a live audience at an opera house, the actual performance begins. You can play the violin in various keys, scales, octaves, and waveforms to make music.

Rockmore Doodle

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  • The Doodle features a unique instrument that lets users play the theremin using hand gestures.
  • Unlike with more conventional instruments, there’s no need to touch the theremin to play it.
  • You can make your music by dragging your finger or moving your mouse across the screen, adjusting the volume and pitch as you go.

9. Baseball

In 2019, on July 4, as the United States celebrated its independence, Google unveiled the baseball Doodle game. You can hit the ball by timing your taps or combining the mouse and spacebar actions, similar to the cricket Doodle. If you smash the ball very far, you can see the length of your shot in feet. Scoring runs can be achieved with a home run, double, or even a single hit.


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  • Play a lighthearted baseball game in your browser with The Doodle.
  • Your squad consists of various foods typically served during July 4th celebrations, and the field is prepared like a baseball diamond.
  • Baseball peanuts make up the outfield, adding to the festive atmosphere.

10. Cricket Game

Inspired by the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, this Google Doodle game puts you in the shoes of a grasshopper character at the batting crease. Across the pitch, you’ll face snails representing the opposing team. To make a swing, you can use the spacebar or mouse to hit the incoming ball. Dash between the wickets to score runs, doubles, or triples, but be aware of being bowled out if you mistime your shot. .

cricket Game

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  • Bright, attention-grabbing visuals that up the ante on entertainment
  • Minimal file size so that it will only hog some of your storage space
  • Draws on Google’s state-of-the-art AI features


That wraps up your favourite popular Google Doodle games for when you’re bored. Have a favourite among these? if you’re seeking additional Google Doodle games to pass the time during work breaks, why not explore some of the hidden gems in Google’s collection of Doodle games?

Feel free to dive in and explore these captivating diversions today!

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