How to Get Your Windows 11 Battery Report

How to Get Your Windows 11 Battery Report

Laptops batteries are made of Lithium and the nature of Lithium is to degrade over time. To fix this issue, Windows 11 has made necessary changes in the app functionality and has introduced several features to use less battery thereby providing more working time.

In this blog, we will see how to get battery reports from command prompt and which apps consume more battery and how to terminate them. This process will help identify which all apps are using more battery in Windows 11 and you can terminate them to improve battery life.

Using Command Prompt to get Windows 11 battery report:-

The method of using the command prompt to get a battery report is the same in Windows 10 and Windows 11. There are various ways of getting battery reports in Windows 11 out of them, Command Prompt is the quickest way.

  • Open the command prompt by typing command in the windows search bar
  • Type powercfg /batteryreport

Command Prompt 1

  • By performing this action battery report will be generated and saved as an HTML file in C drive.

Command Prompt 2

Note:- Default path to open from file explorer is C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\battery-report.html

  • Select the file and open it in the browser

Battery Report

  • Examine Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity in the Installed batteries section

Installed Batteries

Note:- Drop-in battery health can get to know from the lower full charge capacity

  • Navigate to Cycle Count which shows the charging and recharging cycle the laptop battery has gone through from the initial point. A high cycle count indicates a decrease in battery health.

How much battery does Windows 11 consume:-

The launch of Windows 11 has introduced many changes to users and one of the most significant changes is the low battery consumption in Windows 11.

Windows 11 is more battery efficient than Windows 10 as it draws less power from the battery. Windows 11 identifies active apps in the foreground and gives a greater share of CPU resources and memory Aldo, the apps and OS both are lighter on the disk.

Apart from this, to optimize performance on Microsoft Edge sleepings tabs are introduced which reduces around  37% CPU usage in comparison to the active tab.

Recent Usage

How to stop Windows 11 from draining battery:-

  • Navigate to Start menu> Settings> System> Power & Battery


Power and Battery (1)

  • Click on Battery Saver and set the percentage from battery level to turn it on when the battery is low.

System - POwer and Battery

Battery Usage

  • Enable Turn on now to save the settings from this moment only.

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Which apps use more battery in Windows 11:-

Follow the process to identify which apps use more battery in Windows 11 and if they are of no use, you can uninstall them to save battery.

  • Navigate to Start menu> Settings> System> Power & Battery
  • Click on Battery Usage. Now, you can see the battery usage patterns of the last 24 hours along with the screen on and off time.
  • Navigate to Battery usage per app to identify which apps consume more battery. Sort the list by overall usage.

Battery usage Per App

Managing background activity of the apps:-

Some apps run in the background and hamper the computer’s performance. You need to terminate them if you find them of no use.

  • Navigate to Start menu> Settings> System> Power & Battery
  • Click on the three vertical dots of the running app and choose Manage background activity.
  • Under Background apps permission, click on Never to close the app.

Apps and Feature - Notepad

Note:- You can choose Power optimized to manage its performance.

In addition to this, to keep the PC optimized and clean so that no unwanted applications run in the background and consume power we suggest using Advanced System Optimizer. Using this excellent PC optimization tool, you can keep the system junk-free, stop unwanted startup items from running, keep it malware-free, and do a lot more. Most importantly, you can use its Memory Optimizer feature to free up RAM and make processing faster. It is an intelligent way to get things going without getting Windows 11 laptop battery drained.

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Windows 11 battery usage is more refined than Windows 10 but still, some users face battery drain issues. In this blog, we have seen how we can get battery reports from command prompts and also how to manage the background activity of the apps. It will be useful to optimize battery life and computer performance. If you are facing any battery issues, then follow the methods mentioned in this blog and let us know about your experience in the comment box below.

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