What Is Geo-blocking? Why Are They Used?

What Is Geo-blocking? Why Are They Used?

“The Service/Content Isn’t Available In Your Area” is quite a common message that flashes every time when you try to watch specific Netflix content. But you know the reason behind getting this error text? This is because of Geo-blocking.


Geo-blocking or Geo-Restriction is a technology that restricts the access of online content depending on their geographic location. Basically, this process is executed by telecommunications companies or other content providers such as Netflix, or CMT. In order to help you with better understanding, I am going to mention a list of websites blocked in the United Kingdom and then will list the US-only sites.

Geo-Blocked Websites By UK

Here, I will mention websites that inhabit geo-restricted content in the United Kingdom.

Website About
sherights.com A feminist website
Jezebel Dedicated to women’s interests
Guido Fawkes A British political blog
TorrentFreak Revolves around BitTorrent protocol, digital rights, file sharing, and copyright infringement
Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse Dedicated to Domestic Abuse


Websites Only Available in the US

Website About
HBO Go It Is American Premium Cable Network HBO
Hulu On-demand Video Platform
CW Seed Television Network
Pluto TV Internet Television Service
Everything Simpsons American Animated Sitcom

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The above-mentioned websites will only work in the US zone!

geo restricted content
Image Via- LEVPN


 Why were these geo-blocked sites?

Well, this answer may vary from yours but still according to the nation’s government and even many people believe that there are several series, movies or talk shows that possess contents intended for adults and they are meant for children.

“Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads.” — George Bernard Shaw

Another possible reason could be these websites may have self-harmed, gambling, substance abuse or suicidal geo-restricted contents that can influence young minds.

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How to Bypass Geo-Blocking Websites?

I understand and agree with the fact that we too need pleasure! C’mon, we do deal with those spare times when everything goes in vain and we haunt for some source of entertainment. In this section, I am going to share a multiple ways to bypass geo-restricted content.

  • V P N!

How to Bypass Geo-Blocking

Trust me, Folks VPNs are your savior to bypass this geo-blocking platform. VPN will help in hiding your online presence by putting your IP address under the cover.

If you are sitting in Europe and want to surf Pluto TV, all you need to do is use a VPN on your device, follow the below blog to understand more.

How To Use VPN On iPhones And Android

VPN will cover your real IP address and replace it with VPN’s IP address. Now, Pluto TV will use the real VPN server’s IP address instead of your real identity.

  • Smart DNS Services

We people generally access any online information through a domain name, for instance, Facebook.com or ESPN.com. Now what happens is web browsers interact with internet protocols [IP] address and DNS interpret these domain names to IP addresses in order to get internet information.

So once you have smart DNS service it will help in withdrawing exact appropriate DNS entries according to your location. Now your connection will get a new route of address through a proxy server.

Read more information here: How To Enable DNS Over HTTPS In Your Web Browser

  • Use TOR!

Understand the fact, Tor is less secure than a VPN, but it will surely give you anonymity to surf the internet without any hurdle. It is free of cost service that will help you in hiding IP addresses. But it is not always safe!

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Why Geo-Blocks Are Used?

There are dozens of reasons for using geo-restrictions, but I have shared the main concepts of why geo-blocks are used.

  • Legal Requirements- It has been seen that certain businesses have to follow rules that are meant to operate in a geographical location and their laws want them to operate their profession in the geo-blocking
  • Copyright Agreements- Every one of us is aware of Netflix, Hulu or other content providers, there are chances that they don’t have the rights to display some specific content but yes, they have a right to broadcast it. Now everything is in the hands of original creators or copyright holders to decide whether their content will broadcast or not. So if those contents are not allowed to get displayed in a particular location they have to follow rules and regulations, and this is when geo-restriction helps them.
  • Licensing Rights- C’mon it is not easy to purchase licensing rights all over the world to stream their series or contents worldwide! There are many copyright holders who have to spend a lot of bucks on getting these licenses. This is why geo-restriction helps them to cover under the blanket.

Other possible reasons could be price discrimination, legal reasons, or blackouts.

That’s All Folks!

This is how you can bypass the geo-restriction website easily. I hope I have given a clear insight regarding geo-blocking.

We hope you like this article and surely tell us your views in the comment section below. Before leaving, do share which method will you choose to access geo-blocked websites in the comment section below.

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