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Do I Need an Antivirus Program for My Mac?

Do I Need an Antivirus Program for My Mac?

It can be great a topic to debate that whether Mac needs an antivirus program, or if it’s inbuilt security is enough to deal with the threats times. Though in-built security of Mac is considered as rock solid and Apple keeps a sharp eye on emerging security threats by releasing updates accordingly but the other side of the coin cannot be ignored. In this article, we will discuss both the aspects that Do you need a security software on your Mac and why you can consider that your Mac doesn’t need a security software.

Why you should have a security software on Mac:

Why you should have a security software on Mac

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There is no good reason for potential hackers should not target Mac. As we all know MacBook’s are much expensive in comparison of Windows based laptops. Macs are also much expensive in comparison of windows computers. This makes it understood for Malware developers that a Mac owner can pay higher Ransom amount in comparison of a Windows computer. This makes Macs to top the list of targets for Macs. Again, it depends on the usage for what purpose you use Your Mac. If you are a heavy internet user and frequently perform financial transactions on your mac then Of-course you should have a security software on your Mac because we cannot ignore the fact that none of the devices work on internet are safe from Virus. A good Security software keep warning you about the readability of the website which helps you to decide that on which website you should enter your critical information and on which you should not.

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Why you can consider that your Mac doesn’t need a security software:

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Mac OS is Unix based which means that it his having a series of fire doors. If any malware is even able to get the access to your Mac then too it will not be able to get into the heart of the Machine.

Another fact is that only handful Mac Users reported that they have suspected a security threat on their mac and most of those infections can only travel through a Mac they cannot actually harm your Mac.

Time-to-time famous antivirus companies relies there reports with the number of malware they have blocked on Macs. Most of them are adware and blacklisted websites. These malwares can also be treated on your own level if you are a little bit techy. Time to time apple keep releasing list of the security measures and the users which follow them are safe.

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While concluding we can say that If you use your Mac for home purpose, visit limited number of websites and have limited data on your Mac then you can take a chance and can go without an Antivirus software. But if you have your business and all the financial information thus you cannot compromise with its security then you should not take a chance and must go for an antivirus for your Mac.

We highly recommend users to use an authentic and thoroughly tested product to protect their Mac machines like Systweak Anti-Malware. Systweak Anti-Malware is a specifically designed product to provide a shield to your Mac machines. It not only protects your machine from infections but it also updates the database daily to fight with emerging threats. Also, it helps to speed up the startup process and the different security scans allow users to run scan of their choice thus protecting your Mac.

So, if you take your Mac security seriously you should try our latest product to safeguard your Mac from online and offline threats

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