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Cybersecurity Skills Gap A Threat
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Cybersecurity Skills Gap A Threat

We all are interconnected using technologies like IOT (Internet Of Things), social media, and mobile computing.

Now the problem that arises is that there is a lack of cybersecurity skill among the people. These skills are necessary for the people who are working in the companies and the owners of the companies. This poses a big risk to the companies as it may result in cyber-attacks and breaches.

Cause of cybersecurity skill gap

Lack of standardization

Securing a system should be an automated task. The security team should consist of IT experts and cybersecurity professional who help in making the system more secure.

1)   Penetration testing: IT teams should try to hack their systems this in turn will help in finding bugs and vulnerabilities before the outsiders do.

2)   Incident Response: Everyone in the company should know about the standard protocol that should be followed in case if data breach.

Lack of Training

Every industry should train their employees. In recent years trend in training the employees in cybersecurity by the organizations are increased, however, there are still many companies that do not provide training. Employees should be trained properly so that they can handle the situation properly.

Lack of Collaboration

To stop the cyber-attacks the whole organization, has to get together to secure their system. Not only the employees but the owner and management staff should also work together in making a secure environment.

IT staff and researchers should also work together and with other professionals to create a system that is more secure and robust.

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How can we Reduce the Gap?

Reducing the cybersecurity skills gap is a must. Different strategies are being made to reduce this gap and secure their system from cyber threat.

Hiring Workforce or Train the Employees

Companies are hiring staff who are capable of accessing and deal with a cyber-attack. Experienced staff will easily stop cyber-attack and will help to build a better security system.

Another solution is to train the existing workforce to stop a cyber-attack and to contain a cyber-attack. Training the existing proves to be a cost-effective method and save time.

Hire New Generation of Workers

New generation employees are acquainted with new technology and they are interested in technology. They are innovative and think outside of the box. New employees will constantly try to find new ways and utilities to fight cybercrime.

These employees are well acquainted with the new cybercrime tactics and will easily defend the system from most of them.

The main problem now arises is that the new generation prefers other technological careers instead of fighting cybercrime. We just have to steer them to fight cybercrime and generate interest in fighting cybercrime and taking cyber security jobs.

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Use of software and other utilities to secure the system

Another step in filling the gap is to use the software and utilities that monitor the process and alert users about the ongoing cyber-attack. These software will also save you from attacks without any human intervention.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more popular these days. Criminals are finding new ways to attack a system and many of them are succeeding. We have to find new ways to stop cyber-attacks and stop cybercriminals. By removing the cybersecurity skill gap, we can save our organizations from cyber-attacks. We have discussed about cybersecurity skill gap that is among the employees of a company and how we can remove it.

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