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Cyber-Security Technologies to Safeguard Your System

In recent years, we have seen many advancements in cyber-security technology. These advancements are necessary for security. Systems that are being designed are more complex, mobile, wireless and hardware independent. Security professionals are continuously trying to counter attack hackers; however, criminals are always one step ahead of the game. New advancements that are being developed will change the position of security professionals and will put them ahead in the game.

We have listed some advancements which will increase security:


Early Warning Systems:

Early warning systems will identify sites and servers that are prone to be hacked. This system will analyze the systems which were hacked and then compare other systems with it. These systems are based on the algorithms which will identify systems that have more chance to be hacked. Sites which have more sensitive data will have more chances to get hacked, will be identified by this system.


Hardware Authentication:

Username and passwords that we select and use are not as secure as we often think. Therefore, to cope with this situation hardware authentication process is being developed. User hardware will authenticate user’s identity upon different factors and then allow access to that user.

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Analysis of User’s Behavior:

This system will come into place when user’s system is compromised and attacker engages in malicious behavior. It will detect change in user’s activity and will inform them about it, this system will also block attackers in their path. It will compare user’s past behavior with current behavior and based on the comparison it will detect malicious activity.


Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN):

This technology is similar to the technology used in military. In this technology signals are changed and it is divided into different parts. Upon receiving signal in different parts, receiver will reassemble the different parts and convert signal into its original from. It will stop man in the middle of attack in which data is hacked by criminals.

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Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML):

It is an open standard for authentication and authorization of data between sender and receiver.

There are many advancements in today’s technology in terms of cyber security. All the white hat hackers are trying to build security systems which are safer and less likely to be attacked by black hat hackers.

We should also be aware about security features that our hardware and software provide so that we can use them for making our system more secure.

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