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Cyber Security Facts and Stats: You need to Aware of
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Cyber Security Facts and Stats: You need to Aware of


Every day with more hackers joining the world of cybercrime, the risk of cyber security is growing. Today’s cyber criminals are more advanced, smart, intelligent and can easily dodge old detection methods. With each passing year new malware and number of malware attacks increase.

With this more resources are being used to counter cyber-attacks, but there’s a long way to go before we can, get these cyber threats under control. We also need to gain knowledge about the latest threats and security that need to be taken into consideration.

For you to know all about this here, we bring for you some alarming cyber security facts and statics:

1. Every 39 second there’s a hacker attack affecting individuals each year.
2. 95% of breached attacks were performed on retail, government, and technology sector.
3. 45% cyber-attacks are designed to harm small business and only 14% have the resources to defend themselves. Due to this 60% of them go out of business within 6 months of a cyber-attack.
4. 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks, 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks, 51% experienced denial of service attacks and 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets.
5. More business infrastructures are going to be attacked for data breach in 2020.
6. More than 3,809,448 records have been stolen till now and each day approximately 44 more are added to it.
7. 75% of health care industry has been infected with malware in 2016.
8. Large-scale DDoS attacks will increase up to 140 percent.
9. More cyber security experts will be needed by 2021 as rate of cybercrimes will rise.
10. Approximately 200 billion devices will be interconnected by 2020.
11. Only 38 percent of global organizations say they are ready to defend themselves for sophisticated attacks.
12. The more you are online, and device are connected, you become a victim to cyber-attacks.
13. Devices on hacker’s radar that needs to be protected are: mobile devices, social media applications, laptops and notebooks.
14. MyDoom is considered to be the most expensive threat as it is estimated that it caused a financial damage of 3.85 billion $.
15. There’re more than 3 billion active social hackers who use social media links to trick user into downloading malware.
16. 99% of computers are vulnerable to exploit kits.
17. 98% of tested web applications are vulnerable to attacks.
18. Each year online banking fraud rate increases to 48 percent.
19. 69% of organization don’t agree that their antivirus cannot detect and identify all the threats.

The security facts and stats are alarming, and they are enough to make you realize what the future is going to be like?

Definitely, cybercrime is growing at a very fast pace and it is the greatest threat for any company in the world. Small and big both businesses need to realize importance of cyber security. The longer they neglect these threats more they are at risk.

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How To Stay Protected From These Cyber Crimes?

The growing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks clearly shows no one is secure and no longer we can trust the security systems alone to defend us. All organizations whether small or large are at risk and they can be a victim to data breach anytime.

This means every organization need to take cyber security seriously and they need to create a secure culture, train their employees and need to be vigilant.

A multi-layered security system is the best line of defense. Agreed, no one can be 100% protected but implementing a strong security system will ensure you know the threat before it causes any damage.

If we keep these small things in mind can surely save our data and organization form being attacked.

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