Common Mobile Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself?

Common Mobile Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself?

In this always connected world, we know the importance of online security. But even after that if we avoid common mobile security threats it is our biggest mistake. Smartphones are susceptible to malware attacks like Windows and Mac machines. Once an attacker gets access to your mobile device, in no time he can get access to your computer and data stored on it. Mobile security isn’t that strong as you think, it is the weakest link in the chain.

When a smartphone gets hacked, all the other device connected to it are automatically at risk. It is possible because malware can easily spread from your phone when you use your phone on your wireless network and back up the data.

Below we discuss with your common mobile threats you should be aware of.

Madware and Spyware

Don’t be surprised, this isn’t a typing error, we are talking about Madware and not Malware.  Madware is a new term coined for mobile adware. It is a script or program that installs on user’s smartphone without their knowledge and then starts collecting data to show advertisements on the device. Often madware comes attached with a spyware, a malicious code of software that collects data from your device based on your Internet usage and shares it to the third party. Not only this spyware even collects information about your location, contacts, Internet usage and what all you can think of. This all not only puts you in danger, but it even puts all the others connected to your device in risk.

Viruses and Trojans

Viruses and trojans these two terms are nothing new to our ears. They are the most devious threats and create havoc on each device they are found. Often virus or trojan comes attached with things that pretend to be legitimate. Once a user falls for them they hijack the device and steal all the information stored on it. Also, they can send tons of premium text messages in bulk costing a lot to the user.

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Drive-By Downloads

Drive-by downloads as the name suggests is a type of malware that gets installed on your machine when a wrong website or incorrect email is been visited or opened.  Also, drive-by download can infect a machine automatically by using a malware, this can be anything be it an, adware, spyware, bot or something far more nefarious.

Browser Exploits

These take advantage of well-known security flaws in your browser to spread infection. They work in conjunction with other applications, scripts and even applications like Flash and PDF readers.

Phishing Apps

Phishing, yes you are right it is the same form of malware infection, in case of smartphones the only difference is now it has advanced. In the past, while performing phishing attacks, cyber criminals use to send mail to get individuals password of any financial account. But no longer attackers send such mails they now create phishing apps to get all your information by getting you fill a form. It isn’t easy for a person to identify whether it is a real or phishing app because mobile screens are too small for that identification.

How to Stay Protected From Mobile Threats

Terrified after, learning about mobile threats don’t be. It isn’t difficult to protect your mobile device from these threats. Here, we let you how you can stay protected from mobile threats.

  • Always keep your mobile’s OS and software installed on it updated. Keeping them updated ensures that all the security loopholes are being patched with the security updated and no longer your device is vulnerable to known security issues.
  • Install and run an updated and well known anti-virus on your mobile device. As they too need a security program to protect you from online threats.
  • Install a firewall on your mobile device as most of them do not come with one. Firewall gives an added layer of security to your device and keep hackers at one hand distance.
  • Password protect your phone, as an unlocked phone is easy to hack and can lead to compromising your data.
  • Download apps from trusted sources, avoid downloading from any third-party sites. Also read reviews before trusting any new app or an unknown company or developer.
  • Make sure you read the end user agreement before installing any product as there are many “grayware” waiting for your one mistake to get through your banking details.

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By taking these few precautions, you can ensure that you stay protected. It may guarantee that you will always be protected but still these precautions will keep protected from long. These threats aren’t something we are hearing for the first time. They have been around ever since we started to stay online. For Windows and Mac machine this may be something usual but for smartphones this isn’t the way it works. Mobile threats are something that we need to know to stay secure.

By keeping the small tips, you can protect your mobile device from being compromised by hackers.

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