7 Best Video Converter Apps for Android

Elevate your video quality & visual appeal with advanced conversion apps on your smartphone!

7 Best Video Converter Apps for Android

Has it ever happened to you, that you’re about to publish a new video on social media only to find out it needs format adjustments? Dealing with MOV files can be specifically challenging. . Fortunately, video converting apps are useful for this purpose, transforming videos into your desired file formats. Android Play store has thousands of video convertor apps but finding the right one can quite challenging. Our Team Researched, tested Few of them and Make a List of Best Video convertor apps for android.

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How Are Video Converter Apps Useful?

Free video converter apps are invaluable for multimedia professionals. They simplify video file conversion, ensuring compatibility with different devices and platforms. Video converter apps make it easy to convert videos for playback on your computer, smartphone, tablet or editing. These apps also offer batch conversion, editing, and customisable output settings, making them useful for a variety of multimedia tasks.

Top 7 Video Converters  for Android That Are Worth Considering In 2024

Let’s explore a handful selection of the top Video converter apps available for Android in 2024.

1. WinkVideo AI : Best Overall

WinkVideo AI

An effective and versatile video editor, WinkVideo AI is a suitable option catering to a wide array of users.. This app is capable of converting any 4K or HD video to MP4 (HEVC/H.264), MKV, AVI, iPad, iPhone, Android, and 420+ other formats. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and graphics processing unit acceleration to deliver high-quality videos and images quickly.


  • Offers 3 AI modes to enhance videos – Upscaling, stabilisation, and frame interpolation. Using this method, you can improve low-resolution photos by a factor of four hundred
  • To change the video’s format, use the GPU’s acceleration
  • Reduce the size of 4K or HD video files by half.


  • Countless device profiles
  • Ideal for nebulous assignments
  • Equipped with a module for downloading


  • It doesn’t have text narration or can burn videos to DVD

2. Video Format Factory : Free video converter apps

Video Format Factory

File formats supported by the Video Format Factory app are extensive and include FLV, AVI, MP4, WAV, and WMA, among others. Regarded as one of the best Free video converter apps, it offers numerous  features such as a converter, video cutter, reverser, compressor, and more.


  • Video editor tools, including muxer, crop, joiner, splitter, and Delogo
  • Converter, joiner, splitter, and mixer for audio
  • Converting picture files and supporting WebP, HEIC formats
  • Extract audio from CDs and video from Blu-rays


  • Everything is free
  • Takes a wide variety of video formats, including DVD
  • Powerful editor for presets


  • Only software advertisements

3. MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk, Inc. : Convert Both Audio and Video

MP3 Video Converter

You can easily convert audio and video files on your Android device with the MP3 Video Converter App. It lets you edit the file’s metadata (like the title, album, and artist) with ease. Although this app’s features are limited, it enables the process of  converting videos to the desired audio format and altering the bitrate to decrease the overall file size to save storage space. There are no options for editing videos.


  • Transforming video into audio
  • The option to change your files’ bitrate
  • Backing for the most widely used formats
  • Possibility of modifying meta-data


  • Allows for different types of audio and video formats
  • Allows for a wide range of bitrate and metadata options
  • Ability to edit metadata (album, artist, title, etc.)


  • The app may share location data, device IDs, and app details with third parties.

4. iTubeGo : Can Covert Youtube Video Directly


iTubeGo isa versatile video conversion app, that also allows users to download videos from YouTube directly on their  Windows, Mac, or Android devices.  It can convert between different types of audio and video formats with over 20 different options available. . This tool enables you to adapt video formats for seamless compatibility across multiple devices.


  • With iTubeGo, you can save entire YouTube playlists, channels, and videos
  • You can download videos in bulk with it
  • It works with over 10,000 video-sharing websites, including Instagram and Facebook
  • You can safeguard your video privacy with the features provided by iTubeGo


  • Works with 8K resolution
  • 8 MBps or faster download speed is required
  • It makes it easy to trim videos from YouTube


  • It is not suitable with iOS

5. Video Converter by VidSoftLab : Cojoin Videos

Video Converter

The Video Converter by VidSoftLab, is one of the top Video converter apps that you can surely consider in 2024. It is straightforward and asks for specific information, such as the video’s format and quality to get the conversion task done. You can sit back and let the app convert without lifting a finger because it operates in the background and requires no manual intervention further.


  • Supports AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG-1,2, MOV, WMV, MKV, VOB, 3GP, SWF, MP3, AAC, and more
  • Make the audio from the video sound better
  • Conjoin and combine videos
  • Trim and edit a video


  • Able to operate discreetly
  • Work with different types of files
  • Serves as a foundation for numerous applications


  • Permission to access the specified location

6. Video Converter Compressor : Compete Free Video Compressing app

Video Converter Compressor

An innovative application combined with simplicity, makes  Video Converter Compressor a good option in our list. With its solid capabilities, it could easily become the industry standard. For no cost at all, the app can convert your videos into the desired file format, without compromising the quality..  There are no limitations on features in the app. Do whatever you want with the converting, compressing, and editing.


  • Transform video files
  • Video compression
  • Transform video into music
  • Video slowdown to x0.25


  • No cost at all
  • Backs a plethora of features
  • Simple to use


  • Not all video formats are compatible with the in-built player

7. Filmora AI Video Editor, Maker

Filmora AI

Filmora AI is one of the best apps if you want to convert high-end videos with the best resolution. This option for converting video files on Android, Windows, and MacOS has limited features with the free version but amazing features in the paid versions. The app is compatible with more than 180 audio and video formats. You can also edit and convert 4K Ultra videos with this app.


  • Accelerated conversion speed thanks to hardware
  • Different bitrates
  • It fully supports more than 180 different formats
  • 200+ presents


  • Clean and easy to use, even for newcomers
  • Always be ready to receive and send data in a variety of formats
  • Incorporate high-end options such as AI Upscaling and SuperSpeed mode


  • It cannot download videos from the internet or burn them to a DVD


To make videos more accessible on mobile devices or easier to share online, you can use a video converter for Android to change the video format. We have reviewed the top video converters available in  the market today. All of them have the potential to seamlessly execute the conversion tasks without changing the original layout or quality. Do try them and let us know your personal experience in the comments section below!

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