7 Best Powtoon Alternatives In 2024 | Tools To Make Animated Videos

7 Best Powtoon Alternatives In 2024 | Tools To Make Animated Videos

For individuals in the creative, advertising, or business sectors seeking a cloud-based video creation tool, Powtoon stands out as an excellent choice. It offers helpful tools to transform a simple idea into high-quality videos in various formats, including explainer videos. Regardless of its popularity, the sheer number of content creators exceeds what a single service can accommodate.

Consequently, many video creators are exploring good alternatives to Powtoon. That’s why we have compiled a list of similar animation software to Powtoon to assist you with your video production needs. These Powtoon alternatives are tried, tested, and compared based on their features, and user-friendliness.

Alternatives to Powtoon that Content Creators Will Love

Finding the best alternatives to Powtoon is a challenging task. Here, you can discover seven top-notch animation software alternatives to Powtoon.

1.   InVideo


You don’t need experience in editing videos to use InVideo. It is an incredible and user-friendly online video editor worth considering in 2024. You can make superior quality videos in a matter of minutes. An enormous stock media library, a powerful editing suite, and over five thousand fully customisable templates are all part of this Powtoon alternative.


  • More than five thousand editable templates
  • Entry to over 8 million stock assets
  • Possibilities to incorporate personal branding


  • Simple to understand and adapt to
  • It is highly recommended for both newcomers and seasoned pros
  • Provision of more than five thousand fully editable video templates


  • Since the editor is browser-based, your final export time must be less than fifteen minutes

2.   Moovly


You can make videos specifically for e-commerce platforms like Amazon and BigCommerce with Moovly’s dedicated set of tools. It offers a dedicated area, where online shop owners can create and personalise videos according to their customer’s preferences. It is one of the best alternatives to Powtoon animation.


  • Video editing software hosted in the cloud
  • editable via drag-and-drop
  • Personalisation choices for branding
  • Project management software for teams


  • A section for online shopping videos
  • The program’s audio recording feature is useful
  • Excellent text-to-speech functions


  • The editing process will take longer if the video is over five minutes long
  • Compared to other video editing tools, there are fewer templates

3.   Promo


Premade video clips from Promo’s extensive library encompass every major news story and social media trend worldwide. It has a large library of design templates from various media types (photos, text, audio, GIFs, etc.), It simplifies the process of  personalising video outputs.


  • Modifiable video templates offer editing options such as scaling, adding audio, video, and text
  • Massive music and media archive
  • The simplest interface for drag-and-drop editing


  • Plethora of video, photo, and other design templates
  • Simple to use, straightforward editor
  • Support is available at all times for customers


  • There is no complimentary membership available
  • Should have more customisation options

4.   VideoScribe


The whiteboard animation feature attracts many users to VideoScribe. The app offers GIFs, animated videos, and various business and promotional video templates. The platform is appealing to newcomers due to its speed and ease of use with many users praising its ease of use.


  • Numerous icons, transitions, and animations are available for slide creation
  • Automate the filmmaking process, such as editing, special effects & sync video/audio elements
  • A free image library with over 6,000 options is available to users


  • User-friendly interface
  • With VideoScribe’s SVG import, whiteboard animations are a breeze
  • Play videos smoothly, even without an internet connection


  • The free trial version does not allow you to resell your videos

5.   Rawshorts


Rawshorts is an AI-driven video editor that lets businesses create promotional, explainer, and animation videos for social media and other websites. On their platform, users can easily customize 100+ industry-specific templates.


  • AI-powered text-to-video animation generator
  • Animation video creation is made easy with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Converting text to video is a breeze with the help of the robust text-to-speech feature


  • Use industry-specific templates to make professional videos
  • Business owners can pay per export instead of monthly


  • There are only a few options for templates
  • You can export videos in standard definition with the starter plan

6. Animaker


Anyone from complete beginners to seasoned pros can use Animaker, a cloud-based video animation program, to make their own animated and live-action films. A wonderful alternative to Powtoon, Animaker lets users make professional animated videos in minutes with its easy drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates.


  • Make your animated films with the simple drag-and-drop feature
  • A vast library of animated graphics, icons, properties, backgrounds, and more
  • Combine voiceovers (that you assign to your characters) with automatic lip-sync


  • Animation video creators have access to thousands of premade templates
  • Video guides and tutorials to get you up and running on the platform
  • Powered by HTML5, it runs smoothly on modern browsers


  • There are a few ways to personalise the video timeline
  • A rather confusing user interface

7.   Biteable


Biteable is one of the most popular and user-friendly online video makers when for creating animated slideshows, explainer videos, and motion graphics. It’s ideal for crafting  promotional videos, YouTube videos, or Instagram reels without requiring animation skills.


  • Light-weight video editing service
  • Supports one-of-a-kind templates for business and personal usage
  • Simple and fast video editing with a drag-and-drop interface


  • An extremely beginner-friendly UI that is both clean and simple
  • Unlimited exports
  • A large collection of typefaces


  • You can’t get 1080p support in the free version
  • We have a small library of stock music and transitions

Conclusion | Create Amazing Animated Videos with These 7 Powtoon Alternatives

This list of the seven top alternatives to Powtoon provides a great starting point for incorporating  video content into your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to make creative and interesting videos quickly, you’ll find something for everyone here. From drag-and-drop video builders to more advanced whiteboard animation platforms, these Powtoon Alternatives are worth considering this 2024. Our personal favorite is InVideo, and all credit goes to its versatile features and ease of use.

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