Best Offline Translator for Windows 11/10 In 2024

Time to make an offline translator for PC a medium to communicate in a language new to you

Best Offline Translator for Windows 11/10 In 2024

Not every time can you rely on apps and software that depend on the internet. Take, for example, translator apps. If you frequently travel, has there been an instance where there was limited internet access and you felt the need for a translator to communicate?

If yes, in one such case, an offline language translator can be your best friend. Another perk of using a translator without the Internet is that you can rest assured that your privacy is safe since you are not sending data on the Internet.

If all this still sounds unrealistic, let’s dive deeper into some of the best translation apps for Windows PCs that you can use offline.

How Do Offline Translator Software Work?

Offline translator software for PCs typically works by downloading language databases and packs on your computer. The packs contain pre-translated phrases, words, and phrases based on which the utilities can translate text without the need for an internet connection.

Being able to translate offline eliminates the need for the internet. Offline translation also ensures that the data is kept locally on your computer. However, there are a few downsides as well. Not all tools support a vast number of languages. Also, many tools may not understand technical jargon, slang, or other such terminology.

Best Offline Translator for PC

1. Lingvanex


Lingvanex is one of the best translator software that you can use without the internet. It offers AI-enhanced speech and translation tools and is used by some of the most reputed organizations across the globe. It also helps you get transcripts of speech with timestamps and clear punctuations in 91 languages.


  • Save translation history.
  • Bookmark items for later reference.
  • Change the font and orientation of the text.
  • Translate complete websites.


  • To translate you need to purchase the premium variant.
  • Occasional slowdowns and lags are experienced.

Pricing – Starts at $99.99 per year

Download here

2. Babylon


Babylone is a translation software that lets you translate text and documents in various languages. It offers one-click activation and an intuitive interface for a faster workflow. It uses advanced algorithms and language databases to ensure that the translations are consistent and accurate.


  • It can be deployed behind a firewall, on-premises, or off-premises. This way your content stays secure.
  • Customizable directories that you can tailor to your organizational needs.
  • Deliver any volume of target languages at great speeds.
  • Get document summary automatically in any language.


  • Some users have observed bugs.

Download here

3. PROMT Master


PROMT Master is one of the best translation software that works offline and for which you may not need an active internet connection. It lets you translate any text or document in English or German regardless of how complex it is. You can translate instant messages, business letters, or even entire web pages.


  • Many inbuilt profiles and dictionaries.
  • Add sentences to translation history.
  • Support for all kinds of documents – Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and many others.
  • Use plugins to translate directly into the app of your choice.


  • Language packs take up huge storage space.

Pricing – Starts at $79 for English pack 1 year

Download here

4. Dual Clip Translator

Dual Clip

Dual Clip is a free offline language translator. It works by translating the source text on your windows to any given language in real time. What attributes to its accuracy and credibility is that its translation engine is powered by two tech giants – Microsoft and Google. Plus, it brings along the power of AI for fast and on-point translations.


  • Choose whether to use Google or Microsoft for translation.
  • OCR support.
  • Save text to the clipboard and the app will pick it for translation.
  • The translation app can automatically detect the language of the pasted text.


  • There are occasional lags.
  • Dated interface.

Download here

 Let Not Language Barriers Hold You Back

If you have to translate confidential documents and fear jeopardizing privacy while using the internet, you can always use a translation app that works offline.

The translator software utilities for Windows that we have handpicked have a reputation of being able to translate any chunk of text into any language and that too in record time.

If your favorite app couldn’t make it to the list, do drop us a comment mentioning your favorite app. We’d also appreciate it if you could share a line or two as to why you like the software you have mentioned.

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