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Best Distance Measurement Apps for Android
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Best Distance Measurement Apps for Android

People are getting smart enough to measure and gauge distance and area with their eyes, but is this accurate enough? Well, I doubt. We often give an estimate that might not be even close to what the reality is. And nobody carries all the measurement tools to measure distance and area all the time. But we do carry our smartphones with us 24/7. This is when the distance measurement app comes into play to measure distance and area on the go.

Technology has become so advanced that we can’t afford to miss out on these small scaling tools to get a general idea with almost proficient accuracy but you can’t make a house with these apps. It’s not far when we will experience a measuring laser beam in smartphones for precisely accurate distance and area measurement. Let’s quickly run down to the most accurate and the best distance measurement Apps for Android.

Best Distance Measurement Apps:

GPS Field Area Measure

GPS Field Area Measure

The GPS Fields Area Measure is one of the best distance measurement app for Android in our list. It uses ARCore technology in the most efficient manner to measure distance and area. As the name suggests, the GPS Field Area Measure app measures any given distance and area by using existing GPS data.  You just need to initiate the distance measurement app select the start point and the end point and click on ‘Start measure’. It will automatically calculate distance and area measurement and show you the results.

This App is good for up to 50 meters of accurate calculation and can go up to 1 kilometer of range with moderate accuracy. While Google Maps works better for distance measurement between one city to another, GPS Field Area Measure is better for customized distance and area measurement paths, fields and buildings end-to-end points. It is most useful for Farmers, Agronomists, Town planners, Construction Surveyors, Landscape Artists, Land-based surveys, Health, Education, and facility mapping.

GPS Field Area Measure Features

  • Quick distance and area marking for measurement
  • Undo button available for all actions and corrections
  • GPS tracking, the measurement for walking, driving on selected boundaries
  • Send an auto-generated link of the pinned area to your friends or partners
  • Smart Marker Mode for precisely accurate pin placement
  • Share directions for the route of the selected area
  • Save, Edit or Share measurements within groups

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Smart Measure

Smart Measure

Smart Measure is an intuitive distance measurement app developed by a Korean Android development company. It is a fairly accurate distance and area measurement app for Android smartphones. Smart Measure works on the trigonometry theory to gauge an estimated height, distance and area of a particular object.

The Smart Measure app uses primary camera of your smartphone. The camera lets the Android app to measure distance and height of the object. As soon as you open the app and press the ‘Distance’ button, it calculates the estimated distance between the camera and the target object. And the estimate is really accurate. If you want to measure the height of the target object, you just need to tap at the bottom and the top of the object and tap on the ‘Height’ button.

Smart Measure Features

  • Edge-to-edge Virtual Horizon
  • Adjust or convert measurement units as required
  • Screen capture of the object and measurement result
  • Even better than Google’s AR measurement app for speed and accuracy
  • Comprehensive calibration of objects for best results
  • Turn sound effects ON or OFF

“Pro version also offers Width and Area with Portrait mode and Camera Zoom Features.”

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Smart Distance

Smart Distance

Smart Distance is next in the row distance measurement app from the same makers of Smart Measure to measure distance and area up to 1 kilometer. This app calculates on the basis of perspective estimates to measure objects much farther than 1 kilometer.

Using the Smart Distance measurement app is even easy in comparison to Smart Measure. The only intelligence you need to apply is to know the height and width of the target as it uses perspective estimation to gauge the distance.

Measuring distance using Smart Distance is quite easy as you simply need to align parallel green lines with the height or width of the target and enter the dimensions. Fortunately, this app turned out to be handy for golfers to measure the target flag. Smart Distance also works best for travelers.

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The Ruler is an intuitive Android app to measure distance in inches and centimeters. It turns your Android smartphone into a smart ruler. It is one of those apps that are simple but ridiculously good. You can change the measurement units to millimeters, centimeters, inches, meters or more. The Ruler allows you to convert measurement units as per your requirement. The Ruler App can be used to calculate the length, straight line, area, defining the thread pitch, etc.

Ruler Feature

The Ruler Android app to measure distance comes with intuitive features.

    • The Ruler gives you the accuracy of measurement
    • It’s easy to use the Android App to measure distance
    • The Ruler got a stylish design with simple calibration timings
  • 4 modes of measurement point, line, plane, level for accurate results
  • Offers a set of measurement units to switch between
  • App available in 15 Languages used worldwide

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GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

GPS Speedometer

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter is one of the most accurate and easy to use distance measurement app that also keeps a tab on your speed limits. This distance measurement app has 3 prominent features. This is best for measuring travel speed (walking, jogging, biking, driving, …) and alarms you with vibration if the speed limit exceeds the allowed limit. It gives you an accurate measurement of the distance traveled by you. GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter also helps you to keep track of the road you have traveled.

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter Features

  • Measure distance covered in km or miles
  • Measure your travel speed in km/h or mph mode
  • Switch between multiple distance units and km or miles
  • Keep a tab of your speed with speed limits with warning alerts
  • Change between the bright or dark theme as per requirement
  • Turn ON/OFF vibrate when the speed crosses the danger limit
  • Set your favorite song or tunes as the warning bell
  • Switch between a set of languages

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Summing Up

When there are problems, there are solutions as well. With growing technology, make use of these distance measurement app to calculate distance and area of anything or everything. These Android apps to measure distance will help you measure height, width, area or distance on the go.

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