Best Audiobooks For Android To Get In 2023

Best Audiobooks For Android To Get In 2023

As the saying goes “there is no friend as loyal as a book”. Reading books help our brain to keep working and even this is an ideal way to spend your free time. But if you are someone who struggles to get free time from your busy schedules and still want to stay connected to literature, audiobooks are for you.

Best Audiobooks For Android

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could read our favorite book to us? Sounds impossible, but in this world driven by digital technology, it’s just very basic and accomplished easily!

We have filtered a list of top five smart audiobook players for Android that will dictate your desired books. Get ready with a cup of coffee, put your headphones on and start listening to your favorite audiobook for Android.

Here is a list of amazing audiobooks for Android smartphone

1. Google Play Books

google play books

As the name suggests itself, this amazing audiobook is introduced by Google. This application provides both features of reading and listening to a book. You can select a text among millions of best-selling records and from your favorite category whether it’s a novel or comic.

You can buy a book without any subscription and the best feature of this application is after finishing your first book you can automatically get your next recommendation specifically personalized for you according to your interest. Adjusting night light while reading and resuming right from where you left will always be accessible on the go.

You can see check its free samples before purchasing the book as well. Here is the direct link of this audiobook on Google Play store.

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2. Audible


This is another smart audiobook player from a trusted company and that is Amazon. When it is about listening to podcasts and books, Audible can be your pick. As you know every good thing comes with a price so does, this audiobook. But you can check its fee trial period of 30 day and if you like then go ahead with the payment process. Therefore, Audible will cost you.

If you are a paid member you have all the access to its original podcast that helps you to escape reality and spend some good time.

Every month this application provides you with free credits that you can spend on your favorite book and get it for free.

Here is the link to get this smart audiobook for Android.

3. Libby – By Overdrive

Libby - By Overdrive

If you miss going to libraries and borrowing books from your mates, Libby is here to handle the situation. This smart audiobook player boasts millions of eBooks and audiobooks are offered by local libraries all over the world. With the use of Libby, you can instantly borrow a free book of your choice. Amazing isn’t?

Picking up a book is really simple with this application. Just browse the catalogue of your connected library and stream a book of your choice or simply download the titles for offline purpose. You can slow down or speed up the audio while on the go.

Not to worry if you fall asleep while listening you can set a sleep timer as well in this. And also you can use other basic audio control features like skip forward or backwards and add notes and highlights while listening.

Get Libby audiobooks on Google Play from here

4. Oodles – 50000 Free E-books & Free Audiobooks

Oodles - 50000 Free E-books & Free Audiobooks

If you don’t like spending money to buy digital content, Oodle- a smart audiobook player is here to save your money. All you have to do is watch some advertisements and then you can have access to your desired book among oodles libraries.

Select a book from organized categories or import a book from your phone to it.

You can personalize your experience as per your comfort and enjoy listening to your favorite author, as Oodles complies with all the famous authors in its vast library from Jane Austen to J.R.R. Tolkien all inside one application.

You can install this best audiobook for Android from here

5. Storytel: Audiobooks And eBooks

Storytel Audiobooks And eBooks

Available in more than a dozen countries this amazing audiobook offers almost thousands of eBooks and audiobooks. To enjoy listening or reading your favorite book in any language this is a must-have application in your phone.

You will get everything here from current bestsellers to unforgettable novels and even biographies you can select any of your choice and all set to dive into the ocean of knowledge. Features like presetting a snooze to sleep or adjusting play speed of audio is on your fingers and you can also share your recommendations with your friends.

You can get this amazing audiobook on Google play from here

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