Get Ready For Binge-Watching: Best Apps & Websites That Suggests What To Watch On Netflix?

Get Ready For Binge-Watching: Best Apps & Websites That Suggests What To Watch On Netflix?

Netflix is a hub of great, no amazing TV Shows, Movies and Video Series. It features a huge selection of video content at your fingertips but exploring relevant things that might entice you is an annoying task.

Since the streaming service’s search functionality is non-customizable, several subscribers are always in search for workarounds to find the best content. For example, using multiple profiles at a time or taking the help of Netflix Secret Codes to find favorite genres.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to take the pain to do any remotely complicated search, because we have found some of the best ways to help you decide What To Watch On Netflix next?

Five Websites & Apps That Helps You Find What To Binge Watch On Netflix

Netflix relentlessly adds new content for its viewers, but for them, it gets quite difficult to keep up. Hopefully, these apps and websites can help you find What To Watch On Netflix next.

1. What The Hell Should I Watch On Netflix (WTHSIWON)

Don’t want to waste time tweaking several filters to find the most relevant content? Well, this website would undoubtedly help you to pick the righteous shows or movies for you. At their website, start by choosing what you want to watch: Movies, TV Shows or something random. Next, you have to select the genre of your choice.  Within a few moments, you’ll be presented with the best recommendation along with its trailer.

If the recommendation doesn’t entice you, WTHSIWON offers a few other choices too at the end of the suggested recommendation.


2. Flixable

Flixable is another great option that suggests what to watch on Netflix now. The service comes with a robust search engine that breaks down the content choices into shows and movies. Additionally, Flixable only displays the options that are high IMDb rated. So, you can unquestionably trust on the quality of content.  Users can easily sort the content on the basis of title, standard keyword search & the release date of the show or movie.

To use Flixable, all you have to do is head towards their website >  start by choosing your favorite genre > select the release year to sort your search. Once you click the Show Movies button, you’ll be presented with a lot of richer results than you’re able to get on Netflix.


3. Shufflix

Shufflix wants to make browsing Netflix a little less painful for the subscribers. The service simply asks you to choose the country you’re watching Netflix from and then shortlists all the shows available in your region. From the classified list, you can choose the relevant content of your choice. You’ll also get the basic information about that particular show. You can decide whether you wish to watch it or move to another recommendation by Shufflix.

Since Shufflix is meant for suggesting TV Shows only that are available on Netflix, you can avoid all the confusion built upon looking at so many titles at once.


4. JustWatch

JustWatch is another great option to help you sift through Netflix TV Shows and Movies with ease. In fact, the application not only lets you search content on Netflix but also on other dozens of platforms. JustWatch shows what’s currently heading for theatrical release & what’s presently famous to watch. So, you can even set up a watch list within the app to keep a track of all the shows and movies you want to watch later.

The platform lets you browse through content via filters based on Genre, Release Year & Price. JustWatch supports web and Android/iOS applications.


5. GoWatchIt

What to watch on Netflix? Wonder no more! Find the perfect content only on GoWatchIt. Initially, the platform used to feature only movies, but now it covers an extensive range of TV Shows as well. GoWatchIt supports all major subscription and pay-per-view services, including Fandor, Tubi TV, Mubi, Acorn TV, Shudder and much more. The service lets users find content on the basis of title or by navigating through sections like Popular Movies, Top Rentals, New TV Shows and so on.

GoWatchIt is available for web/app platforms for Android and iPhone users. The platform doesn’t allow users to stream content within the app or from the site. But it redirects to the specific streaming service that has the title of those.


What To Watch On Netflix Is No More A Question Now!

While these five apps and websites can help you find great content to stream on Netflix. However, there are still various options that can answer your question, What Should I Watch On Netflix?

Have any queries or suggestions? Share with us in the comment section below & do not forget to like us on our social media channels!

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