Amazing Instagram Features To Make Your Image Sharing Experience Easy

Amazing Instagram Features To Make Your Image Sharing Experience Easy

From a simple picture sharing tool to an image editing tool and a vivacious social media network, Instagram has offered a lot to its users, ever since its evolution.
Having an enormous database of 600 million users, it gives a wonderful platform for users to interact by sharing pictures and videos.
Sharing pictures over Instagram is pretty simple. Just select the picture, edit it with the custom tools and share it, that’s it!! Cropping, tagging, adding hashtags are some features of Instagram that we all are aware of. However, to give an edge to your sharing experience these hacks will help you get the most out of the app.

Crafting More Striking Edits:

In the initial phase of Instagram, users could turn the filters on and off. Though it was pretty ok for low-resolution pictures captured with the early age smartphones, it failed to meet the requirement of the high-quality images taken by the feature-loaded smartphones of the new technological era. Big thanks to Instagram, using which toning down the filters has become easy. Pictures can now be made subtler using Instagram features.

Whatsoever filter you are applying to your image, double tap on it to get a slider ranging from 0 to 100. For a subtler tone, the slider can be adjusted between 20 to 50.

Ease Of Comparison Between Original & The Edited Image:

Most of us have experienced the difficulty in visualizing the comparison between the original image and the edited image. Sometimes over editing pictures can easily ruin everything. With Instagram, you don’t have to worry. It lets you easily compare the edited image with the original one and make sure that you haven’t done blunders to your pictures.
Once the filters and edits are applied to the image, simply tap and hold the image preview to view the original picture. You can view the unfiltered image as long as you hold. Simply release the tap to view the edited version of the image. This simple yet amazing feature lets you get the best out of the picture.

Original vs Edited Instagram

Organizing Filters:

Considering the fact, that some of the filters in Instagram are simply awesome to some which are least used by users. With more than 20 filters that Instagram offers, it lets you choose the ones you love the most.
With Instagram, you can now have your favorite ones top the list, while the unfavorites don’t appear at all. Simply swipe to the end of the filter list and go to the Manage Filters option. Here you can rearrange filters as per your choice. Simply uncheck the ones you don’t want and you are done.

Organising Pictures Instagram

Share Multiple Images At A Time:

Instagram has never failed in making the user experience better. With all the amazing features, it offers one is the ability to share up to 10 pictures in a post. Simply select the picture you wish to share and then click on Select Multiple button to add more. What’s more interesting is, that you can also add filters to the added images. The filters can be same or different as per your choice. Once finished, simply share and you are done.

Multiple Picture Sharing Instagram

Erase Unwanted Drafts:

Instagram gives users an option to save images as drafts. You may always want to keep some of your best shots in drafts that can be edited later and be shared. However, while drafts is a great feature, the images saved stays in there until deleted. If you want to delete a draft, simply follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Manage button present just next to the Drafts section.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Now select the images you wish to delete.
  • Finally, click Discard Posts.

That’s all, all your unwanted draft will be deleted.

Message your Friends Directly:

More than a photo sharing application, Instagram also lets you send messages directly to your contacts. One can easily respond to photos in a private manner. Messages can easily be sent through the Messages Page, or from the Profile Page and can even be sent directly from the posts that people share.

The above-mentioned features of Instagram are worth a try if you want to make your experience better. Try them all and enjoy sharing!!

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