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Amazing Educational Instagram Accounts To Learn & Inspire
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Amazing Educational Instagram Accounts To Learn & Inspire

Instagram is not a new word in the world of social media. This social media app is used by millions of people across the globe. We are already aware how Instagram works and how to start our activity on it. Some of us use Instagram to gain popularity others simply scroll through the stories. In addition to this, everyone has their own way of using this account.


But despite having all the fun on Instagram, have you tried to follow some amazing educational accounts? No or Yes? No, no problem, here I am sharing the best Instagram accounts that will help you to learn and inspire!

Best Educational Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow

1. Nasa


If you always wished to explore stars, outer space, astronomy and want to learn more about our solar system, NASA is the best educational Instagram account you can follow. You will get amazing photographs along with information regarding out COSMO.

Check NASA from here

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2. Futurism


As the name says itself, this account revolves around the scientific future discoveries that are helping in shaping the future world. This amazing Instagram account will give insights of possible inventions in the scientific world.

Check Futurism from here

3. History


“History from the past that helps you make sense of the present” This is what this educational Instagram account believes in. You will get to understand how world’s history looks. You get enough insights about societies, people, cultures and other historical events.

Check History from here

4. Curiositydotcom


I personally follow and recommend this account as it helps you to uncover various answers that you have never thought of. Do you know, smelling your partner’s unwashed shirt could help you sleep? Ok, that’s enough for the day!

Check Curiosity from here

5. National Geographic


National Geographic or NatGeo all of us are aware about this TV channel and the amazing yellow color book that was used to be kept in our school or college libraries. This account offers awareness about various research and conservation projects that are going around the world through their photography.

Check National Geographic from here

6. Guff Science


Another amazing Instagram account that offers interesting facts and images that keep us rooted to know more about Science Guff. You know a lynx is almost 3 feet long but still it can jump about 25 feet? Amazing!!!

Check Science from here

7. Tech


This is another best example of Instagram’s educational account. It is related to tech and its amazing facts. It is quite difficult to get informed regarding the latest discoveries that are created by talented minds in the world, But my friend you can rely on this account!

Check Tech from here

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8. U.S. Department of the Interior


This Instagram account is dedicated to the US department of the interior. This account offers natural wonder from the US, hence protecting the wilderness at its best. This account makes sure you enjoy every post there.

Check usinterior from here

9. Photoshop


It is time to awake the graphic designer in you! Follow photoshop by Adobe to get inspired for new art and amazing graphics. You will surely love the way they have given so much to a picture. You can also check Adobestudents. Don’t forget to follow Photoshop!

Check Photoshop from here

10. Forbes


This is american business magazine that primarily focuses on investing, finance, marketing topics and industry. You can follow some other related of Forbes and they are Forbes Under 30 and Forbes Travel Guide

Check Forbes from here

11. Behance


If you like visual arts and want to showcase your creative talent in the face of a visual portfolio to the world, Behance is the best for you! It is easy to understand instagram accounts that give you tons of illustrations, graphic designing, photography, fashion and alot more.

Check Behance from here

I hope I have not Forgotten Anything!

That’s all folks, the above mentioned are the best educational Instagram accounts that you can follow and learn new facts. If you have any other account in your let me know, we would update it on our list. I hope you like this article and have shared it with your siblings or your friends.

Don’t forget to tell me how much you like this article in the comment sections below!

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